Sunday, September 14, 2014

Deadly Lemon Curse

Delicious yet deadly lemons! Do you believe it or not?
Other than making lemonade, culinary and herbal medicine; what can a lemon do really? You may think this is a stupid question.


Well, a lemon can be used to curse and kill!


Below is a popular Indian black magic for killing someone:


First, one must find a clean and quite place. After that, he should construct a stool made of yellow clay. Let the stool wind dry for a few days and then put a piece of white cotton cloth on it before sitting.


The person must face west for this ritual. Before he begins to chant, he should light a ghee oil lamp and present some other offerings such as sweets, a lemon and two cloves. After that, he should begin to chant the following mantra for 2100 times:


Baar Baandho, Baar Nikle.

Jaa Kaat Dharni Sujaaye.

Lay Bahrna Choun Haath Se.

To Kaat Daant Se.

Kuhaai Bhaamhava Ki.


After the ritual, one should keep the lemon while the rest of the offerings should be thrown into a river or sea. This empowerment ritual should be done for a consecutive of 40 days.


When one needs to activate the power of this curse, he should take a piece of iron nail and recite the above mantra for 108 times, after that he should pierce the lemon with this iron nail only half way. The victim of this curse will feel extreme pain; however if the person pierce through the lemon with the iron nail, then the victim will expire immediately! So be ware folks!


  1. Isn't this magic shown on a movie of Hong Kong called "蠱" or something? I remember seeing the movie, but the lemon was buried on the street where lots of people walked by, and when someone stepped on the lemon, the victim felt mind-exploding pain... Am I right?

    1. This is a different kind of magic specific to Indian society. This type of magic don't need people to step on it. The movie is meant for entertainment only, or perhaps there is one like that that I am not aware of.