Monday, September 15, 2014

Invoking Indian Hantu Raya (印度养鬼术)

I think this ritual is perhaps the forerunner of Malaysian Hantu Raya or servitor spirits.


It is believed that Chauraha Wali Mata, said to be the goddess of cross roads is a form of goddess Maha Kali. If anyone makes her happy, then she will send her powerful witches to fulfil one’s desires.


This ritual should be done after 9pm onwards starting on Saturday or Tuesday for a consecutive of 21 Saturdays/Tuesdays. After that, one should maintain the offering on all Saturdays/Tuesdays.


First one must prepare some offerings:


·         2 cloves, 5 types of dishes, 5 pieces of roses, 2 bundi ladu and 1betel leaf.


When everything is ready and the time is right, put everything onto a piece of white paper and bring a mug of fresh water. Go to a quiet cross junction, put the items beside the junction and pour the water onto the ground.


Now, go home without looking back.


The person should feel a presence in his/her house after a few tries. When the presence is felt, then a pact can be made to establish the master and servant relationship.

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