Thursday, September 11, 2014

Haunted Hotel In KL

For some reasons that I feel perhaps KL specially has most haunted hotels around. Due to my special profession, I have many opportunities to be invited into these hotels to perform ghost hunting activities.


There is one particular hotel which is situated in KL city centre with one whole floor permanently booked and will never be rented out. Most peculiar of all is that some green talismanic papers are pasted on top of these room doors. According to room attendants, no one dares to venture onto the floor at night for two reasons: first, no customers will stay there; second, that floor is severely haunted!


Once I was asked to go to the hotel and stay there for a few days to look see as a new potential buyer wanted to decide what to do with the present hotel.


Even though the specific floor is empty, it is especially noisy at night for I did venture to go to the haunted floor after 9pm alone for my investigation. While I was walking alone along the corridor, I could hear the sound such as that of people throwing sand onto the floor making the sound as if ‘sha, sha, sha…’ Well, to tell you honestly, that was kind of eerie and yet indescribable feeling.  


Even stranger was that, there was a room locked from outside, but I can still hear as if a baby is crying inside; I can assure that the atmosphere is utmost bizarre. Even though I didn’t see any ghostly apparitions; let alone the bizarre sound is enough to scare anyone to death.


The next morning, I managed to coax a hotel attendant to tell me some background of that hotel. According to this gentleman, for inexplicable reasons many people like to come to this hotel to commit suicide. The reasons are many: due to love, due to debt, it could also be due to bankruptcy. It is perhaps that too many people has committed suicide there and that there were no proper deliverance rituals to guide the spirits to other side; the dead souls continue to linger on.


The attendant also pointed out that the room that I heard sounds of baby crying, was booked by a businessman for long term stay. But due to his business failure, he and his family committed suicide by gas inhalation. He further added that, due to too many people jumped off from the hotel windows, all of the windows now are installed with iron bars. It is also a good idea to use towels to cover all mirrors in a hotel room to avoid anyone accidentally sees the reflection of ghosts!


With so many ghosts around, what would you suggest to best dispose of such a haunted hotel?

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