Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Gambling Attracts Ghosts

If you ask, what attracts ghosts most? I can tell you with 100% confident that it is gambling. It is also certainly true that where people gamble, tobacco, liquor and sex entails. While it is also true that the graveyards and hospitals have many spooks, but both of the places are where people meet their ends. These ghosts only linger there for a while before moving on.


The place where ghosts like to congregate is a casino. I am not sure why these ghostly brothers and sisters like to gamble? Perhaps many of them were once upon a time gamblers too; or the tensions and excitements during gambling generate large quantity of heat. Obviously, ghosts feed on energy and hence they like to be at places where food is plentiful.


If you don’t believe me, do the below experiment please


First, choose a known haunted location.


You need to invite at least 4 friends to start a gambling session. Please don't use money but use joss papers instead. Before you start to gamble, light 4 white candles at 4 corners of a table.


Pause occasionally to look at the shape and form of the candle flames. If any of the candle flames veered towards the centre of the table accompanied by any of the participants felt his/her spine is chilled and numb; then that would be the indications that spirits are presence. If the feeling is not severe, there are only a handful spirits; however if anyone felt severely cold accompanied with migraine; then there are many spirits around. Now, quickly stop gambling and burn all of the joss papers as offerings to the spirits. Otherwise, one of the participants will faint or possessed by spirits.


Anyway, I still advise everyone only gamble for fun but never over do it. It is of course, best not to gamble at all.



  1. Dear sir,
    With due respect.

    Thats very interesting,
    [as I a gambler...hehe]

    Have u ever communicate with them at casino,
    How about mantra to summon their help to win,
    and the offering needed?

    I believe many kakis,
    will sit up and read your answer! >u<

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi,

      I thought so... *_*!

      Yes. Many good brothers and sisters told me that they are 'employed' to watch over in casino...

      U know that when a person is in luck, his/her forehead, left and right shoulder will have a flame... These spirits will try to distinguish these flames and make the person 'out of luck'...

      There are ways to go about:

      1. Everyone has his/her lucky times, that will show on one's face. Plus some 'fu', the chances of winning will be good.

      2. Don't enter from the casino main door as many good brothers will be waiting there. They will wait for the unlucky ones, so if you are not so lucky, they will stick with you...

      3. When you arrive at casino, go straight to your room, take a bath and take a small nap. After that, take a walk and eat something. Anyone who go straight to the casino, will go straight down from the casino!

      4. Bring some sweets and find a place outside of the casino to throw to the good brothers. Spirits like sweets.

      5. If you have 5 ghosts, don't bring them as there are too many spirits there already.

      6. Avoid people tap on your shoulders or let your hair/hat/anything cover your forehead! *IMPORTANT*

      7. Bring a specific quantity of money at one time, say $1000. Leave the table if one lost all. Come after going back for a shower and nap.

      8. After 3 consecutive losses, go out to take some new air, strike both of your palms onto the ground to drain off residue contaminated energy...

      Anyone who follows my tips and win, please 'donate' to my education fund ;-)

      Good luck...

  2. Dear sir,
    With Due Respect.

    Thats very-very interesting!!!... *_* !!!!

    I think U should write some,
    [ very long articles, and real stories too!],
    about some points u stated above!!!

    Now it seems to me...[hush-hush..]..that the GB,
    are employed there to depleting the gamblers FLAME of luck..!!
    [shhhh..dont talk too loud, lest..]

    And the casino owners there are their master..
    so now we just need to PLEASED them,
    [to overturn the table, so to speak!]

    U say:
    [4. Bring some sweets and find a place
    outside of the casino to throw to the
    good brothers. Spirits like sweets.]

    How to offer sweets to them DISCREETLY
    and EFFECTIVELY???
    We want them to receive the sweets
    and HELP us, to WIN!
    If too little, they will be angered,..
    and fight among themselves,
    which produce animosities toward us!!!
    And too much sweets at casino's front door,
    everyone will stared at us...
    Maybe we should offer sweets at back door
    or any secluded places, ...
    BEST TIME???

    How about Datuks and Earth Deities...???
    Thanks in advance!