Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Genius Die Young

We all hope that we will be a little cleaver, earn more money so that we live better. But, alas! Hope against hope those things never come true. There is a saying that goes:



“What is destined will be ours; what is not, then never ask!”


According to astrology, once we are born, our fate is sealed and no one can change this fact.


Well, people always say ‘The God envies the genius ones’. This term is normally used to show our sympathy towards those brilliant folks who die of young age. Does this have a foundation? This can be traced from Mr. Chan’s astrology chart:





This type of reading falls under the ‘three high rank officials’ (三奇贵人格) added to that there are two ‘scholars’ (文昌) hidden within. So, Mr. Chan is a super cleaver yet super lucky person.


In real situation, Mr. Chan is indeed a super clever. He was awarded government scholarships to further his studies in Singapore when he was young. Later, he again awarded scholarships by Singaporean government to do research in Japan and subsequently stayed in Japan for a few years before returning to work in Singapore.


His monthly salary is at least SGD20k and owns some prime properties.


It is a norm that brilliant folks used up their brain and life force pretty fast; hence they are not long live ones.


Having said so, Mr. Chan will not be able to enjoy his retirement. Now, let’s look into Mr. Chan’s luck:





He started his luck pretty early, but he burnt his life force a little too much; and that from the age of 30 to 50; his fate went into 20 years of void and it looks like Mr. Chan’s life will end at the end of 50.


I supposed what the ancient said is true:



“The God envies the genius while a beauty is short lived.”



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