Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Taiwanese Five Ghost Fortune (I)

The Taiwanese five ghost fortune method is a little different from the ones that we know in SEA.


First, we must find a god forsaken grave, bones or the cremation ashes of a bandit or someone that died of horrific causes. When this is done, we should offer it with dishes and liquor. Following the meal offering, two pieces of incense sticks should be lit and explicitly telling the spirit the objective of calling it up from resting. It is a norm to have some sort of divination to see if the spirit agrees to help. If it does, then one fu with the inscriptions is burnt: 奉雾渐耳勒令五鬼到此运财入刘先生本人得罡’


Now we should do a calculation our own astrological chart to find out our likings and dislikes (喜忌). For example, if I have affinity to fire element, then I would burn the following fu:




It is best to perform this ritual after noon, preferably around 4pm. We only call one of the five ghosts not all. And that the one dies in the utmost unkind situation works best. But be careful that this method must be carried out for 49 consecutive days.


It is not necessary that one must have fortune or wind fall in his astrology chart because the ghost is forced to perform what a sorcerer asked. However the person must not be to ‘strong’ otherwise the effect is not good.


Since this five ghost fortune method uses talismanic power to force the ghost to work, the requestor must perform an offering during the 2nd and the 14th day for the spirits to thank its help.


Another point to note is that prior to casting the five ghost fortune spell, the sorcerer must understand his/her luck. If he/she is in a bad luck cycle, then the spell should not be cast otherwise dangers will fall upon this sorcerer. Unless compelled to, it is not a norm that any sorcerers are willing to perform this deed for any requestors.

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