Monday, September 1, 2014

Pretty Lady Ghost (倩女幽魂记)

People now are unfortunately timid as when speaking of lady ghosts, they will tremble in fear. I can still remember that when I was engaging in the practice of Lower Maoshan ghost magic, magician of that time are crazy of this type of lady spirits. People even had love affairs with lady spirits. No kidding! If it was not the person's wife's jealousy; the sorcerer had no intention to release his beautiful spirits! Hahaha! That was my master I am talking about…


It is said that lady ghosts are extremely pretty; they normally appear at dusk or under full moon light in rural areas. When one comes across a lady ghost, he should not have any cranky ideas about this spirit. The best way is just to walk away peacefully. If anyone is being enchanted by it and try to flirt, it will gently glide away. However if that person is so persistent in following; then disaster will he fallen upon him.


It is not easy for our modern folks to encounter this lady spirit. In old days, there weren’t any entertainment. Other than fee paying commercial cinema; the other alternative is the Chinese opera performance held yearly in honour of gods and goddesses. Since the opera shows are free for all, the performances were very much welcomed by general Chinese public at that time.


Chinese opera performances lasted for a week or so in old days. The shows normally started at around 7pm and ends at midnight. Since there were very less public transport around then, spectators had to walk back in small groups after the performance. This is especially true in rural areas.


I was staying in Kuala Kangsar when I was small. Every time when there were opera performances in a nearby Taoist temple, my mom, grandma and I would walk to the temple to enjoy the opera performances. We had to walk for about half an hour to get there. Although there is a shortcut, no one wanted to venture it especially at night as the shorter route leads to a cemetery and local folks believe that place is haunted. No one would venture that lane, especially in the midst of night.


I can still remember a real story told by my late grandma.


A butcher known by the name Uncle Bing who lived just across a street was said to be the victim of a lady ghost.


As the story goes, it was one of these temple celebrations that Uncle Bing went to watch the Chinese opera performance. The opera performance for that particular year was extended for an additional hour. It was already 1am after the opera ends. Normally it will be half an hour’s walk back unless someone dares to take the haunted short cart.


Perhaps the Uncle Bing was bold enough, or perhaps he was indeed enchanted by ghost; it was according to people who walked along with him that when the gang passed through a cross junction, Uncle Bing suddenly said to his companions that he saw a pretty lady in read stood by the junction. He wanted to flirt with the lady in red. But since all his companions didn’t see anyone there, they shouted for Uncle Bing to come back. Uncle Bing ignored his friends’ shouts and as if he was hypnotised and walk straight into the dark. Since Uncle Bing was a stout physique, no one can stop him anyway. So, people can only watch him vanished into the darkness.


Since Uncle Bing failed to return the next morning, local folks organised a man hunt for him. They finally found Uncle Bing still hugging a tomb stone and that he was still in deep slumber then. When people found him, Uncle Bing was already unconscious. He subsequently suffered high fever and after a few days’ struggle, Uncle Bing eventually kicked the bucket.


People said that Uncle Bing was killed by the pretty lady ghost; perhaps we will just treat that as an urban legend. Then and again, I am curious to ask if you too are afraid of pretty lady ghost?


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