Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Interesting Hollow Talk (空洞的谈话)

I dreaded to chat online as many of the people tend to ‘hollow talk’. You will definitely recognize this type of conversations as it can lasts for hours and just right after the conversations; you feel extremely tired and can’t really recall the gist of such a long conversation.


The pattern of this conversation is always monotonous that goes like:



‘A’ means ‘No I am not.’

‘B’ means ‘Yes I am.’

‘C’ means ‘I am dead…’


Let me show you an example:


He: “How are you doing?”

Me: “Couldn’t be better.”

He: “Are you bored with magic?”

Me: “No. I’m not.”

He: “Yes, I can feel it.”

Me: “Not at the moment.”

He: Yes, you're definitely..."

…. (after 1 hour)…

He: “Would you do something else?”

Me: “…”

I supposed ‘hollow talk’ reflects the actual ‘mental state’ of these persons. Hollow talk has no relation to education level; many folks in senior management will also exhibit this trend. I personally had many dialogue sessions with these senior managers and only to find that the persons who are talking to me suddenly turned into ‘little boys and little girls’ figuratively speak of course. It was later when I proved into their conversations that these folks are not satisfied with their working conditions and this is an interesting find to me. Perhaps these senior managers just want a place to express their frustrations?


Another group of people who ‘hollow talk’ a lot is those folks who are too engrossed in magical issues. We can find these hollow talk patterns in the archives of many magic forums and I need not elaborate more. Perhaps you too are experiencing these hollow talks in your daily lives that you may not be aware of.


If the hollow talk lasts for a few minutes, that’s common. But if the talk that lasts for hours, that will be something that calls for attention! More so if these group of people belongs to age group of 20-30 years. These folks are burning their precious times that could probably put into better uses.


Sorry to say that I like to akin this ‘hollow talk syndrome’ with ‘masturbation’; the persons these folks talk to are eventually overloaded with emotional junks or whatever is left over after these mental masturbations! Hollow minds can also lead to other mental illnesses too such as hallucination and hearing things amongst others. So, smile and don’t be too serious folks!

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