Friday, September 12, 2014

Invoking Family Divine Spirits

As with the Chinese and Japanese culture, it is said that in Indian culture each family has its own ancestor divine spirits. A family will prosper if these family divine spirits are worshipped properly and consistently with the below mantra:


“Om hrim srim krim svaha devi svaha”



Hrim – maya

Srim - lakshmi

Krim – kali


First, one must build a small shrine for these divine spirits outside of one’s house. Now one must also make a ritual cake made of: ghee, sugar candy, almonds, cashew, nut, cuare, dried coconut, rose’s leaves, dal, sanup, cardamom, raisins and gugle.


Go to the altar and present the offerings with a ghee lamp on every Monday morning. The ritual cake should be burnt in Monday evening by sunset with fire ignited by cow dunk.


On each occasion, the above mantra should be chanted for 108 times to ask the manifestation of these holy divine spirits in front of the worshipper.


It is also a good practice to chant “Om hrim srim krim svaha, devi svaha” every night for 108 times to request these divine spirits to appear in one’s dram to give guidance on whatever matters troubling the person.


The very sure sign that these divine spirits are listening to ones prayer is sudden wind fall and that such a family will live in peace and in harmony. Perhaps this ritual can further be simplified to suit our busy work schedule. Just notes that, the ancestor divine spirits are not ancestor spirits; the mantra has given us a telltale sign.


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