Thursday, September 11, 2014

On Cancer Treatment & Recover

What is the best treatment method for treating cancer? I think this is a topic that will interest many for cancer is a pretty common illness now days. My take is modern medicine is still the best; but what about traditional medicine?


It is my view that the most important factor in withstanding and recovering from modern cancer treatment is the health of the patient. Added to that, one must also seek treatment early and in time; coupled with proper diet, emotional control and suitable exercises. There is no other way to get rid of cancers.


In cancer treatment, I would first recommend the modern medicine: the chemotherapy and medication. If one receives early treatment, the success rate will be high. There are so many successful examples around.


What about traditional medicine then?


Sorry to say that, at this moment, there is no proven effective Chinese medicine to cure cancers. Not only I have some reserves on cancer treatments with traditional medicines; many traditional physicians likewise dare not guarantee the effectiveness of traditional medicines.


I had an opportunity to chat with a famous Singaporean cancer treatment specialist. According to him, many people dare not approach doctors for early treatment and consequently seek the help of alternative medicines. It is always a little too late for these folks when they finally go to consult a doctor. That is the reason why many cancer patients failed to recover. Since cancerous cells can and will spread very fast; it is in the matter of weeks that other healthy organs may be affected. Hence, a little delay may be fatal.


Traditional Chinese Medicine put much emphasis on illness prevention. That is to say it is very important to keep a body and mind healthy. However, facing with a quick changing sickness such as cancer; a soft approach cannot and will not do. Other than that, injuries such as serious bone fractures can only be treated with advance modern medicine. There are things tradition medicine works best; and there are situations that traditional medicine is pretty helpless.

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