Monday, September 29, 2014

Voodoo Magic In Mahapretaka (大藏经里的巫术)

The Vajrayana section in Mahapretaka has collected many of the Voodoo magic of lower three yanas. Let me show you some examples:


In “Vajrayaksa Wrathful King Sadhana” 《金刚药叉憎怒王息灾大神验念诵仪轨》:


“If you want a nice girl, then write her name on a piece of pine bark and tie it in front of the Vajrayaksa image. Recite the Great Samaya Mantra for 7 times and say to Vajrayaksa about your intention. If you perform this ritual for 3 days, and if Vajrayaksa wants to show his compassion towards you, the girl will come and she will not change her heart.”


Also in “Vajrapani the conqueror of Bhuto” 《佛说金刚手菩萨降伏一切部多大教王经》:


“Use beef and Benzoin to perform homa while reciting mantra until midnight. A Kinara lady will materialise in front of the practitioner but the practitioner should not be afraid. The lady will say: “What is the matter of summoning me?” The practitioner should say: “I want you to be my wife.” The lady will agree when he has said so.”


Also in “The Victorious Ucchusama Sutra”《大威力烏樞瑟摩明王經》:


“If one setup the holy image facing north at an auspicious gate, the practitioner is facing South, and that he uses Chinaberry as fuel for homa, adding some poisonous powder, mustard seed and some own blood. After he has completed reciting mantra for 1080 times, some Asaru ladies with the color as if burnt will come. They will present medicine for longevity and gold changing medicine. If he refuses the medicine offering, then the ladies shall hold his hands and lead him into their palace. They will offer him to be the Asaru king.”


What do you think folks? If you look at them and read and scrutinize these rituals a few times more; you will not find any clues that the Buddha has thought these teachings. Well, frankly these types of rituals are more extreme than any Brahmanism rituals. Perhaps, there is no such practices existed or remain in Hinduism today.

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