Saturday, September 13, 2014

Messages From Shadowman

Do you know the hidden messages brought by your own shadowman?


Anyone who has successful in conjured up his own shadowman, then he will be able to understand his own near future. For example, the upper body indicates the first half of the year; while the lower half indicates the second half.


Say that a person is having small trouble in March, and then on the left stomach of the shadowman will show a greyish foggy stuff. But if the colour is black, then the problem is serious. If the person will meet with blood drawing injury, then at the position 3 will appear dark red spots. But if the person will lose a lot of money, then the pattern of greyish money will show. Conversely, if the colour is bright, then all will be well.


Do you also aware that the shadowman has colours and not all black?


Well, the basic colours are:


·         Yellow indicates earth, free from disasters. But if it is at the position of 3, 6, 9 or 12, then this is the normal colour for that season.

·         Black indicates water, disasters. But if the colour appears at the position of 10, 12; then this should be the colour for the season.

·         Green colour indicates wood or wind, all is normal. This is the dominant colour in January and February.

·         Red colour indicates fire, good luck. But this is the colour for April and May.

·         White colour indicates metal, a spiritual person. This is the dominant colour for Julai and August.


We should be careful not to mix up the seasonal dominant colour with colour indicating disasters. The seasonal colour is bright and shiny but the disaster colour will be dull. However, if the shadowman is all black in colour or headless, then perhaps the person’s life will end soon. So, a disaster avoidance ritual should be taking place. Of course, the above month is only an approximation speaking.


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