Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Ultimate Taoist Talisman (终极的道教符咒)

Someone has thrown me this question: “There are just so many talismans around, which should I learn?” Truely, there is indeed one talisman that can overpower all demonic forces. If you still do not trust me, then let me elaborate:


This talisman is very simple, it is the secret name of Ziwei (紫薇大帝讳) and the talisman is simply “雨渐耳”. It is a very important one as anyone who wanted to perform the ritual to train his/her original soul will need first to write this talisman.


Its meaning is simple: Ziwei is the master of Northern Stars, and these stars rules over our mortal lives; including the demons too. Hence, when the demons make troubles; one only needs to pray to Ziwei and the demons will disperse.


Training of our souls, means we want to ‘altar our fates’. There is a saying amongst Taoist communities that goes:



(My fate is in my hands, not the heaven!)


Indeed, Taoists do not believe in destiny. Only when we know our fates that we could change them; the ones that are ignorant of their own fates remain helpless. That is simple logic, don’t you think so?


That is a mantra that goes along with Ziwei secret name that goes:







(The original Taoism is simple,

As if the Southern Stars dropping into the Northern River,

All that sums up to one word,

That subdues all worldly demons.)


I guess, the meaning need not elaborate further.


Well, now do you still say that Taoism is nonsense after all?



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