Thursday, September 25, 2014

About Bio Resonance Therapy

My friend Mr. Ong is so kind to share his personal story about Bio Resonance Therapy. This is something pretty new to me. So I will just cut and paste his information as that will better explain his original meaning:

What is bio resonance frequency therapy ?

Dear Liew,

Hope you are keeping and fine. Below is my true story that I would like to share with you.

I suffered from severe stomach ache on first week after the World Cup, Football Match began in Brazil. I was rushed to the Emergency Ward twice, and treated as serious gastric complaints. Later, visits to general and private doctors failed to reason out the actual reasons, as gastric drug failed to treat ever since it started. My stomach was full of air, with very pressing painfulness.

I made up my mind to do something about it, while waiting for their reference to a specialist at general hospital. I began my regular visit to a nearest homeopathic ( alternative medication ) doctor few years ago, only few minutes’ cycling from my house. I asked if he his “bio resonance” machine could help me. I had only a 20-minute session with him, including scanning and healing defective parts of my digestive system. Only two parts of my clogged intestines were not in proper shapes. Pain was significantly reduced by 30 percent after certain frequencies were sent by the bio resonance machine.

I was advised to take more fruits, fabric vegetables, sour milk and drinks, it improved from days to days. The pain was gone totally within three weeks’ times. I am confident that I do not need a specialist any more.


MRI stand for Magnetic Resonance Image. It works by sending magnetic waves to specific parts or full body of a patient. Reflective waves from body of a patient are interpreted into visible visual images on a computer. Resonance means reflection in MRI.

A bio resonance machine just interprets these reflective waves into energies ( instead of visual images ), visible in symbol forms. Even delicate energies from few cancerous cells in any part of a human body, could be traced out easily.

Bio resonance frequency was first discovered by a German construction engineer Paul Schmidt in 1976. He discovered certain frequencies are very beneficial, while others are harmful to our body. 1977 Bio resonance machine was invented by Germany -Franz Morell and his son-in-law, engineer Erich Rasche. Later this machine was improved by a combination of Russian and Germany technique.

I experienced the effectiveness of this frequency therapy. May be there are other uses of this machine as well. This is a new and exciting medical experience for me.

Mr. Ong

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