Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ghostly Encounters In A Local Casino

Casinos are pretty haunted and this is nothing new; that depends on if you can see them or otherwise. It is a common belief that the most haunted places are hospitals and cemeteries. However, I can tell you that this perception is not quite true as the quantities of ghosts are many folds more than those two places. Hahaha! I am not trying to scare you as when you first step into a casino main gate, a bunch of good brothers and sisters already holding a welcoming party for you…


Some of these ghosts have a job to do, some of the ghosts were once gamblers there, and their only aim is to find suitable candidates to be possessed. The main objective for those ‘hired’ ghosts are to make gamblers in luck loose until their pants down; while those not-so-lucky ones will be possessed by ghosts of gamblers and wandering ghosts in the vicinity.


How can these ghosts know which one of millions of gamblers to choose from you may want to ask?


Well, this trick was told to me by a ghost in a casino after some treat of sweets:


There are 3 flames on everyone’s forehead and shoulders. Those gamblers in luck will have brighter flames compared to the not-so-lucky ones. While we human are ignorant, but it is pretty clear cut for a ghost.


The ghosts with order will pick at those gamblers when they enter from the main gate. When the targets are chosen; they will try all their endeavors to extinguish those three flames. If you are frequent visitors of a casino, you will have this experience:


As when you are winning your bets for a few rounds, suddenly a beautiful lady suddenly appeared and this lady has diverted your attention for a few seconds; later on, you found your luck wasn’t as good as before. And at the end of the day, you even lost all of your money? Well, have no doubt; this was the work of these ghostly bouncers!


Or perhaps when you are on a wining trend, suddenly you feel that your shoulders and forehead suddenly became numb and cold; then that were the working of these spirits. It is up to you to believe it or not.


Other than those hired ghosts, wandering spirits also like to possess those not-so-lucky gamblers. The reason is because the minds of these unlucky folks are easier to control by these ghosts. When a ghost is in control of a person, it will influence the host to perform what the ghost like best; i.e. to gamble until one drops.


Having say so, because these ghosts were once unlucky gamblers; the ones possessed by these ghosts will not win any money.


I don’t gamble. Normally I like to visit a casino to see how those spirits play pranks on human beings. I was once followed my old pal to a local casino just because I have got nothing better to do then. On arrival to the said casino, my pal immediately rushed into the casino to gamble fiercely. I was standing behind him at a distance and saw a group of ghosts crowded over my pal. They continuously blew cold air over his shoulders and head. Interestingly while doing what their done best, they did not forget to turn their heads and asked me not to be a busy body.


Consequently as with my pal’s going straight into the casino, he came straight down to the bottom of his pocket.


There was a kind experienced old gambler approached us and told us that anyone who wants to go into that casino and wind; there is a trick for that. First, one should not enter the casino on arrival. He/she should rest a while in his hotel, take a bath or have a nice meal before gambling. It is only when a person has enough rest; the three lights on his/her body will be bright enough to withstand the assault of these ghosts.


Oh one more thing, one should stop gambling after losing consecutively three rounds. This is the indication that the person’s luck is going down hills. Better to save some money and come back to fight for another time.


I supposed the same incidents happen in a casino in other places too. If you have similar experience, it would be good to share your stories here too.



  1. Dear Ajarn Perng,

    I like to know what the use of the three flames are.
    Since they are not mention elsewhere, are there other unusual
    energy forms in the energybody you can elaborate?
    Are there other methods to restore or strengthen the flames?

    1. The three flames are just indicators of our spiritual well being.

      This is the Chinese only belief. It has nothing to do with chakras or energy of any sort.

      The only way to restore the strength of flames is to have a healthy body and mind.

      As the saying goes: see no evil, hear no evil, do no evil and talk no evil...