Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Taoist Uses Of Sword Mudra

The closing sword mudra ritual can also be used for passive protection though rarely.
Sword mudra is extensively used in Taoist rituals. The normal use of sword mudra is to write talismans in the air or on the palm; to one extreme, it can also be used to kill evil spirits.


My brother in dharma is very expert in using sword mudra. He only needs to point at the person possessed by spirit, the person would then shivers and the sprit will subsequently annihilated. However, this method is just too unkind to be used as it slaughters without any compassions. Hence, when my brother in dharma is old and sick, he was possessed by others spirits that wanted to seek revenge.


In order to harness the full power of sword mudra, we must first know the tricks of the trade.


In Traditional Taoist practices, there are two types of formula: the first is the opening of sword mudra, and the second is the closing of the mudra. A sword mudra is deemed as a real sword hence it will need to be treated properly.


I will just show you the closing ritual for the sword mudra for now, which is also good for passive protection against all dangers:


The first step is to use one’s thumb to press on the points on one’s fingers as shown and while doing so, recite the below mantra:




(The heavenly sword is elegant while the earthly sword is true, it encompasses thunder and lighting. It also moves the North Stars, all becomes auspicious and the sun, moon and star lights remove all dangers!)


After that, one just holds his/her hands in front of his/her chest and take a bow facing the main altar.


Of course, this practice will be different according to various lineages. Allow me just to keep some secrecy for now as my intention is just to let you know that there is such a method. The reason is that, if one is diligent in the practice of Taoist sword mudra, then he/she can also harm mortal beings and animals too; hence care should be exercise.


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