Monday, September 1, 2014

Someone Is Pulling My Legs!

If you say that my ghost stories are valid within Chinese society only, then I can firmly tell you that you are wrong as water spirits behave the same be it in Asia or in American continent.


The Chinese believe that water spirit can and will harm. When water spirits harm, it is termed as ‘finding replacement’. Water spirits are very different from other spirits as they have mass so they are more powerful than the ordinary spirits. Water spirits are normally territorial. In another words, these spirits will stay put in the same water body until they find their replacements.


Water spirits will normally transform into beautiful fishes to entice unwary anglers. Or they may make use of sound or even rare plants in the water to entice people to venture into the waters so that these folks could be dragged into deeper waters and drowned. In events of new drown victims, their souls will transform into new water spirits while the old ones move on.


Unlike other spirits on land, water spirits will harm on the innocents even they have no relations what so ever with their victims. It is believed that this is due to the fact that the water spirits suffer a lot in the water as they have no fix place to stay; this is precisely the reason why they will seek replacements at the fastest possible speed.


The more powerful ones will even venture out to the banks to call names. If anyone who answer the call; then this person will drown the next day. If the calls are ignored, then nothing will happen.


When I was serving in a MNC, I had a US counterpart named George. George’s family owns a piece of farm land in California. A mid size river flows beside the farm land which was of convenience to the daily operations of the farm; waters could be pumped to irrigate the farm crops amongst other conveniences.


George had a brother, Michael who was under the service of US Armed Force for many years before retiring back to help to take care of their family farm.


One night when Michael was sound asleep in his room, suddenly he was awakened by someone jerking his feet. After some search, he found nothing and he didn’t put the strange incident in his mind only sort of mentioning that over his breakfast with his mother. No one thought the incident was strange and everyone minded their own business after that.


After the breakfast, Michael brought his beloved horse to the river for cleaning. Unfortunately, he was found drowned for some reasons. Michael’s bedroom is still remained as it is until today as according to George that his brother still returned to this room to rest.


It is at times that George heard strange noises came from Michael’s room and at times footstep sounds descending from the staircase.


Another similar story happened in Kuala Kangsar, Perak. I supposed it is no harm to talk about it now as this is an old story happened some dog gone years ago.


I had a tuition teacher when he took an afternoon nap one day and suddenly he was awaken by a strong jerk on his feet. He was so shocked by this sudden unprovoked assault and immediately shouted for his mother. His mother immediately came and awoke him. After hearing his story, my tutor’s mother scolded him for talking nonsense as no one was around in the living daylight!


Strange enough, it was told to me that this tutor of mine had an argument with his girl friend at night and in a gust of fury he jumped into the Perak River and drowned.


Hence, the purpose of I am telling you these two ghost stories is that; it doesn’t matter where you are, when you or your love ones dreamed of someone’s legs were pulled, then better take extra caution. There are just too many real examples around; we just shouldn’t simply rub them off as superstitious.


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