Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hunted Lifts Of Sing-Ma-Thai (电梯鬼故事)

Lifts are inseparable infrastructure in today’s high rise buildings; be it condominiums or sky scrapper. But do you know a little precaution when using lifts? Are there any dangers in using lifts? Perhaps you may ask? Hahaha! Well, when a lift opens its door; look before you leap inside! There are at times that even though the lift door is opened, there is no lift inside only emptiness; anyone who steps in will almost has an appointment with Lord of Death.


Sometime at the beginning of last year, an incident involving fatal lift accident happened in a condominium situated in the western part of Penang Island. An Indonesian mate had fallen to her death from the 20th floor after stepping into the deadly empty lift. It was said that she was talking with her friends and wasn’t paying any attention to the hollow compartment. So she subsequently fallen from the 20th floor and smashed her poor head. The causes of her death were multiple bone fractures and a smashed skull.


Since the incident, many tenants of that condominium have heard the moaning noise of the unfortunate lady. At times although the lift door is closed; it will open for a second tome. At the second opening, people can also feel a gust of cold wind blown into the lift. The weirdest part is: the lift always stops at the floor that the late mate used to stay!


Perhaps you still remember the Hadnyai flood near the Malaysian and Thai border which happened sometime ago?


Story has it that the flood was a particular bad one as the water depth reached about 10 feet in depth. Some poor tenants of a hotel in Hadnyai were not aware of the flood at the ground level. Subsequently about 10 people or so was trapped inside the lift and drowned. It was only the flood subsided that the rescuers could prove open the ill fated lift door only to be attacked by the horrible foul smell of decaying corpses!


Until today, people who use the same lift say that they can still smell those awful smells of rotten corpses; at times although there is one living person inside the lift, there are many blurred reflections of people around the stainless wall of the lift.


In another case, now a day private and public hospitals grow like mushrooms. Perhaps our modern folks suffer many modern illnesses. Due to the market demand, many buildings will be put into operations when half done. Well, hospitals are also commercial properties; all boiled down to time efficiency.


There is a renowned hospital in Singapore that was already in operation even though the building renovation was still in progress. Although the lift system was in place, it had not gone through safety inspection and certification.


A new doctor intern was in a hurry, he wasn’t aware the actual condition of the lift. When the lift was activated and opened its door, the doc jumped inside. This ill fated lift was then somehow lost control and had a free fall. It subsequently smashed straight down onto the basement for some reasons. The poor doc wasn’t able to escape and died on site. Since then, the lift malfunction plenty times: it is either the lift failed to stop at its station or it went straight up and straight down. It was also said that hospital stuffs heard the sound of someone sighing around midnight!


Well, it is up to you to believe these ghost stories. What is certain is that we should exercise caution each time before stepping into a lift!


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