Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Trip To Kuala Sepatang (十八丁走一回)

Kuala Sepatang is a small fishing village off Taiping town. As the name implies, this is a place for enjoying seafood. In addition there is a mangrove conservatory and a charcoal production plant that one can visit...

Fishing boats and mangrove trees.

Most of buildings in Kuala Sepatang are built on swamp areas. The three stories building at the background is a restaurant.

Crabs and mantis shrimps awaiting to meet their masters.

Sumptuous seafood lunch: soft-shell crabs, steam fish, clamps and vegetables all for MYR120++!

Small seafood restaurant from outside but BIG inside!

If the seafood is not enough, please get yourself some 'black gold' which comes with a lucky number and one sells for about USD9 only.

Perhaps seeing is believing... Do join me next trip to satisfy your appetite and more activities to come!

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