Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Astrological View Of Eclipses (从占星看日月食)

Eclipses bring different meanings to different people. Tantric practitioners would perform rituals on this day because it is very easy to attain siddhi. In Thailand, people would pray to Rahu before solar eclipses for protection and good luck. For astronomy fans, people would rejoice at observing these rare astronomical occurrences. However, solar or lunar eclipses bring different meaning to a Chinese astrologer.

In ancient Chinese astrology, eclipses mean the mutation of the sky. Solar eclipses belong to ‘Yang’ () and solar eclipses imply the emperor has made bad decisions; and lunar eclipses represent the subjects.

The effect of eclipses is most severe when the eclipses happened on meridians and the places where eclipses occur shall be affected most. If we were to compare, the effect of solar eclipses is much slower than the lunar eclipses. The severity of the effect depends on the degree of the eclipses. Having said so, places that eclipses are not visible shall not be affected by those negative effects.

For example, the location of eclipses in certain houses means different meanings:

·         Fire element:
o   Country leaders will face problems, revolutions, wars, and epidemic and food shortages.
·         Earth element:
o   Agricultural issues, draught, earthquakes and etc.
·         Water element:
o   Subjects of a country will suffer especially those who stay near coastal areas,
·         Wood element:
o   Subjects of a country suffer famine and storm disasters.

According to the above definitions, let us just take a solar eclipse happened this morning, March 8, 2016 as an example. Since solar eclipses can be observed in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore in March, there would be some kind of food shortage and people in these areas would suffer. There are also possibilities that these area might besieged with strong wind or forest related issues. The source of the disaster is due to poor leadership since it was a solar eclipse. Of course, the duration of the disaster would depend on the duration of the eclipse. In this case, the solar eclipse occurred for about 4 minutes. We can deduce that the disasters would not take a very long time. 

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