Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Broken Bone In Feng Shui & Astrology (风水命理谈破骨)

The term ‘broken bone’ (破骨) refers to a person of particular zodiac animal born in a particular month. For example: If a man belongs to ‘dragon’ and he is born in the 12th lunar month, then he is said to be of suffered from ‘broken bone’ meaning that this person will be poor and disastrous through his life. And that this person should be cremated after his death to prevent ill effects to his descendants. Of course there is another formula to calculate ‘broken bone’ for a woman.

If the grave of a ‘broken bone’ person is exhumed and his skull is inspected, a crack can be found on the left side of the skull near the left ear area. Some astrologers even suggested that caesarean section to avoid a person being born in a particular month.

According to certain Feng Shui practice, if the grave of a ‘broken bone’ need to be dug up, a ritual should be carried out to neutralize bad effects otherwise three descendents of the deceased will die in consecutive three years; but this ill effect shall not cross over to the person’s grandchildren whatsoever.

I will roughly describe the neutralizing ritual (制改) as follows:

First below items should be prepared and an auspicious date is chosen:

·         1 piece of 7.5 feet green cloth
·         Half of bottle of rice wine mixed with white cock blood
·         10 ceramic bowls
·         7 pieces of yellow paper
·         1 piece of Chinese writing brush
·         1 set of joss paper and incense
·         Some food offerings

The ritual procedure:

First the green cloth is laid in front of the tomb stone and 7 pieces of talismans are drawn with the mixture of rice wine and blood. These talismans are then put on the green cloth and they are covered with 7 pieces of ceramic bowls.

When the setup is ready, then the master will hold the remaining 3 pieces of bowls and stands about 5 feet in front of the tomb stone. He/she would make a simple prayer and then the master will take one bowl and smash it against the tomb stone. If the bowl breaks into pieces, then the ritual is effective.

If the ritual is successful, then the master can take up one bowl and burns one talisman. After that the bowl is used to cover the ash; and he/she would repeat until all talismans are burnt and covered.  When the ritual is done, the 7 bowls are wrapped with the green cloth and the package is thrown away.

Only after the successful completion of the neutralization ritual that the grave can be dug or the master and descendants shall face very bad consequences. However, if after a consecutive of 3 bowls failed to break, then the ritual is not successful because the ‘sha’ () is too strong. No further ritual can be done and the grave is best to be left alone.

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