Monday, March 28, 2016

Secret Behind The Legs (两腿后的秘密)

Before I go on with my story, please don’t have any funny idea of what lies behind our legs. Perhaps you have thought of something else which I don’t want to know. Anyway, please hold on to what you think of should lie in behind one’s legs and let me finish my story.

A pretty simple Thai game for a person to see the spiritual world is by lower one’s head and peep through his/her legs in a quiet place. I have no idea what is the success rate of such an exercise to actual see a ghost this way. Perhaps my personal experience when I was studying in my primary school in Kuala Kangsar will give you a clue…

Well, my primary school was reputed to be a haunted one and many people had one kind of contact with spirits or another. I could not say if my experience is real or it was just my hallucination due to being influenced by all those ghost talks around me. You can’t blame me for that as I was about 8 years old then.

When I was in standard 2, I was arranged to be seated at the last row of the class. Behind me about 10 feet away was some empty chairs meant for observers from district educational department since there were some trainee teacher come and go at that time.

It was a rainy after around 5pm the school would end half an hour later. Due to the weather condition at that time and for the students’ safety; the school admin has decided that all the students would stay in the class until outside condition improves. So, my classmates and I were asked to be seated in our chairs and do whatever we like to until further instruction.

At that time, I was tidying my desk and one of my pencils accidentally dropped under my chair. So I leaned over to find my pencil and as I was about to pick it up, I suddenly caught a glimpse of a pair of black shinny boots at a supposedly empty chair behind me.

I thought it was odd, so I purposely drop another pencil and lean over to see between my legs due to curiosity. Well, I couldn’t just stand up and bend over in a classroom full of pupils. My friends would think I am nuts and I would not have a chance to explain myself.

The second time I bent over, to my surprise, I saw a man in Imperial Army uniform wearing a pair of army boots. So I quickly raise my body and looked around me. Everyone was minding his/her own business and the chair behind me was indeed empty.

In order to find out who the queer person was, I again dropped another pencil and bend over to find out. This time, the ‘man’ was not in the chair but his face was just behind me. Our face to face distance was so near that we nearly ‘kiss’ each other.

To be honest, the face I saw was just a skeleton wearing an army cap! Due to fright, I instinctively raised and shouted in horror; then I tripped myself when I tried to turn my back. My chair fell backwards and so did I.  Perhaps my commotion has startled the whole class and the noisy classroom immediately turned quiet.

The teacher immediately rushed to my place and as he pulled me up from the floor, he seemed to understand what I have gone through. Without waiting for my explanation, the teacher said:

“It is not good to drop pencils too many times.” 

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