Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Belated 2016 Forecast (2016年大马地运)

Strictly speaking, the above is a forecast of the year of monkey that lasts until the next Lunar New Year.

One of the fun of studying Feng Shui is to perform reading on the luck of a place, a town or a nation. The above is a reading of the luck of Malaysia. Since Malaysia is separated by South China Sea, the centre part of the diagram is discarded.

East Malaysia:

Southern part: Good at the beginning but bad at the end, especially during the 5th lunar month.

Centre part: Good in general especially during the 1st month.

Nothern part: Good at the beginning and end, but beware of epidemic.

West Malaysia:

Southern part: Good throughout the year of monkey. The best is during the 9th month.

Center part: Difficult at the beginning but progressing at the end. The best is during the 3rd month.

Northern part: The luck flip-flops between good and bad. No progress for the whole year.


If we take the solar eclipse into consideration, then due to government policies; people would live in hardships. Also, there may be reduction in the production of crops and forest related issues (fire and haze) in this region.

So, if we combine Feng Shui and astrology, then we would have a clearer picture of what lies ahead of us easily.

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