Sunday, March 27, 2016

Traditional Taiping Cakes (太平传统糕点)

If you come to Taiping town Jalan Panggung Wayang hawker center and the morning/evening market, you can find all sort of traditional Chinese and ‘nyonyah kuih’ (cakes). I just bought a few to show you and to satisfy my appetite. For example the Chinese cup-cake (发糕), 9-layer cake (九层糕), baked tapioca cake (烤木薯糕) and ‘pretty face cake’ (kuih seri muka/salat). The later four types of cakes are sometimes called ‘nyonyah kuih’ by locals or the ‘ladies’ cakes’.

I am not about to do a detailed introduction of all available cake types in Taiping as those info can readily be found in the intranet. Suffice to arouse your taste buds and motivate you to visit Taiping soon. 

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