Monday, March 14, 2016

Problems With Toilet Taps & Lights (灯与水喉的问题)

My primary school in the previous story was notorious of haunting because of its dark history of being the head quarter of Imperial army. It was rumoured that the river that flows through the back of the school is also haunted. Old local residents claimed that during the Japanese occupation, prisoners’ head were chopped down with samurai sword and their heads were thrown into the river… Hence restless spirits roam around the athletic field and especially the toilet.

To many students, visiting school toilet is the single most horrible experience especially during thunder storms. Not only the toilet was smelly, it was dimly lit and even at noon people can barely see each other’s face clearly. I did pee in my pants when I was in Standard 1 due to too scare to visit the toilet. So were my friends.

Our fears were proven to be true as one of the school security guards known as Uncle Lee told me his ordeal with the spirits in the school at night.

It was and still is a direction of the headmaster that all toilet lights and water taps to be tightly shut to save electricity and water. So the job of a security guard not only needs to keep an eye on the school premises but he/she must also keep an eye on lightings and taps throughout the school.

During those days, security of schools weren’t too many problems as there weren’t too many valuable items compared to today. So a security guard’s job was pretty easy in general case. Having so said seems that the spirits that roamed my old school like to play prank with security guards at night. For lightings in some of the classrooms would turn on automatically normally just pass midnight. And when poor Uncle Lee rushed to the place to off the lighting, lightings and taps in the toilet would then be turned on sequentially.

Strange happening just took place one after another as if something is playing hide and seek with Uncle Lee. At times these paranormal activities were so fierce that Uncle Lee had to kneel down on the floor and beg the spirits to spare his life. In return, he would offer the spirits some food offerings and joss papers after duty. Believe it or not, that bribery did work for the spirits and they would normally leave Uncle Lee alone for the night.

According to Uncle Lee, though he was a brave man then, it was quite horrific to enter the toilet to turn off the water taps because there were about 10 water taps in a row. By the time he shut tight the last tap, the first water tap started to be turned on in front of Uncle Lee seemingly by an invisible hand. And then the second tap handle would slowly being turned on too… until all of the taps were turned on and water flowing out fiercely.

I did ask Uncle Lee if he had observed any unusual object in the toilet when he was at war with toilet lighting and water taps. But Uncle Lee simply replied that though there was a big mirror in the toilet, he had never dare to venture to look into the mirror once during his 10 years of service!

Well, I don’t blame him for what can one do if he suddenly sees a monster standing behind him? So it is a wise move by pretending you didn’t see anything otherwise Uncle Lee couldn’t have last for so long.

Maybe Uncle Lee can rest now since he has retired some time ago. I remain curious if the spirits had spared the new security guards…

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