Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Discorse Of Generation Stage (生起次第论)

Generation stage or ‘utpatti-krama’ in Sanskrit means the ‘sequence of happening or new born’ is the central practice in tantric Buddhism to achieve enlightenment. It is practice in conjunction to the ‘3 existences and 4 births (三有四生)’ of life and birth according to the Tibetan Book Of The Death. It is the fundamental practice of nadis and bindus (气脉明点) in‘completion stage’; and also the route to accomplishment of rainbow or light body of the Great Perfection.

Having said that the generation stage is the key practice in the achievement of ‘vajra body’ (金刚身), there should be a set of detailed theories and pragmatic practices. The core of generation stage is based on the visualization of a deva-body (天身) to enter the samadhi (meditative stage) of the ‘3-existances’ meaning the death, in-between and life. In plain language; a practitioner ‘creates’ an elusive, empty and enjoyment body that he/she shall be reborn as in accordance to the Book Of The Death. Since this deva-body is free from any karmic bonding; so this practitioner shall be freed from cycles of existence. That is all to the generation stage.

There are 4 essential accomplishments of generation stage:

·         Ritual
·         Effect
·         Results
·         Body

The result of a ritual is to purify the habits of 4 births (四生).

The result of ‘effect’ is to purify the cycle of life and death and planting the seed of trikaya (三身) thus building the foundation of completion stage (圆满次第).

The actual result of generation stage is the attainment of worldly 8 merits (世间八功德). He/she shall become the mantri of the realm of existence.

The body of generation stage shall be the enjoyment and empty body. Due to functions of enjoyment and emptiness, a practitioner achieves the accomplishment of Mahamudra (大手印).

Just to make a long story short, the generation stage is the foundation of completion stage. An important point is that the generation stage is only ‘mind games’ as most of the actions are only visualizations; it is in the completion stage that the actual physical transformation of deva-body takes place.

Of course, the generation stage is only practiced by Maha-yoga and Anuttara-yoga practitioners. Most of people I met in Malaysia only stop at the level of karma-yoga (事瑜珈) which is far from entering the actual generation practice. You will understand what I said by going through the curriculum of generation stage; if you can get hold of a copy that is.

Sad to say that such a profound practice is seldom revealed by visiting Rinpoches or so-called ‘Living Buddha’ (活佛) who only collects donations to build temples. A reason is perhaps the lack of study material in local languages other than the Sanskrit and Tibetan. Even books in Tibetan give wrong information at times. So a guru is still needed if you can find one in the market.

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