Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Problems With Spirits (鬼魂的问题)

Spirits are pitiful beings yet they are best to be left alone. Once they have entangled with someone, then they would cause a lot of problems: emotionally and health wise. Even the spirits of our deceased love ones can cause problems to the livings too. Perhaps some modern theory claiming that spirits feed on energy is true. When spirits attached themselves to a person they will literary ‘suck’ the person dry by any means they can think of. Amongst other methods, there is no other way to cause a person to discharge a large quantity of energy in one time than having ‘sex’.

If you are not too afraid of ghosts, then when you really see one and you do not scramble as with others; you will notice that a ghost cannot hold its form for very long time. If you look further, you would notice that the ghost gradually becomes a blob of mist. And if you persist, then the mist would disperse and the ghost would be gone. I found this phenomenon when I was engaging in my Yamantaka meditation practice in a graveyard.

However, if you supply the ghost with energy such as shouting at it or having intimate act; then this ghost would make its presence known by moving or throwing things about. Anuttara Tantra practices require a practitioner to visualize himself/herself as the Yidam and the ghost/spirit as the sex consort. Using psychic heat and illusionary yoga practices, the practitioner can unite the ghost’s energy with his/her own in forming the perfect illusion body (完整幻化身).

Returning to our previous story, we thought our ordeal with the ‘woman in red’ was over after we spent a night in James’s house. However, we were very wrong. A week later I dreamt of a lady in red introduced herself as Elaine and she said that was abandoned by her previous master and she would make me a very happy man every night. After that without asking for consent Elaine started to have intimacy act until I woke up with wet pants. Of course, that was only a wet dream.

After a few nights of similar wet dreams, I started to feel something was wrong. So I called up Henry and his condition was no better than mine; he has developed deep and dark eye sockets and both of us looked as if living pandas.

Perhaps Henry’s condition is worse than mine as he claimed to have seen Elaine lying flat face down on top of his car protruding her extremely pale face on the car windshield while he was kissing with his girlfriend in the car. Worse of all, when Henry was sleeping with his girl, they felt as if an ice bar was sleeping in between them. When they switched on the light, they found nothing.

A series of strange things had not only made the relationships of Henry and his girlfriend to be stiff; they also couldn’t have good night sleep. Henry’s girl even dreamed of Elaine shouting at her mentioning that Henry belonged to her.

Finally Henry and I decided to visit our Mao Shan master. Our master scolded us a few rounds and he said that he would do whatever he could to help us. Because Elaine was a vengeful spirit and that it was quite powerful, there was no guarantee that our master could defeat Elaine.

Basically our master used a few more powerful ghosts to overpower Elaine. According to our master, he could only prevent Elaine from disturbing Henry and I for a short time and the rest would be up to our own.

Soon after consulting with my Mao Shan master, perhaps the luck was on my side and I accompanied a friend to attend an empowerment ceremony of Yamantaka. After the empowerment, I had a dream that a policeman dragged a woman in red away from me. Since then, I have not dreamed of Elaine or having any wet dreams.

With me engaging in Yamantaka practice, I have temporarily left Mao Shan magic alone until today. Although I did try conjuration rituals of Hikmah and other systems, Elaine had never appeared even once.

Last time I heard that Henry had married Elaine just to pacify the spirit. But I would need to ask for his permission to tell his side of the story. As for mine, my relationship with Elaine ended with Yamantaka. 

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