Sunday, March 13, 2016

Creating 8-Characters Reading Database (八字资料库)

Normally 8-Characters reading is used by Chinese to find out one's fate and life journey. Although many foreign and non-Chinese friends had consulted me about their 8-Characters and most of them found it was a surprise that 8-Characters work for them too in a way.

I do not claim to be expert in this field but just want to compile a list of readings of people of the world wherever they may be. My purpose is to set up a database for all those who wish to study astrology to refer to.

Since my time is pretty limited, the free reading I could offer is pretty limited, please refer to the below example concerning the reading of a social escort:

Note: The example in the above link is paid service. For free ones, readings will not be presented very neatly.

Please put your particulars in the below comment column or send your details to me:

Date & time of birth:
Place of birth:
Job: (if applicable)
Particular items you would like to pay attention at:

Please bear in mind that the offered reading would be very short one; if you want to find out more, then I will tell you in much detail with a fee/donation.

As usual, free service may be slow... so bear with me and thank you for contributing your data.

Because all published data is for everyone to refer to, please only send in your request if you are serious only. Kindly respect those who wish to learn the real art.

Thank you.



  1. Dear Mr Liew,

    I am needing your advice on me. I shall share little bit of me if you prefer in personal. It has been not favorable for me for sometimes now. Please help me know how to reach you

    Name/nickname:Felix Widjaja
    Date & time of birth:24/10/1982 - time unknown but will be after 8 pm
    Place of birth: Medan ,Indonesian
    Nationality: Indonesian
    Job: unemployed

    1. Dear Felix,

      From the first look, you should not have problems with living but your character is too strong and cold. So it is difficult for you to work together with others. Also, beware of relationship issues. What are you looking for?

      You can reach me at: