Friday, March 18, 2016

The Restless Disciplinary Master (不眠的训导老师)

Before I forget, here is another school ghost story from an old school watchman:

My late dad was a very dedicated teacher and even he was terminally ill, he still thought of his teaching duty. Of course, my dad was not the only one who was engrossed with his work. One of his colleagues; Mr. Wong who was the disciplinary master of the school my dad worked at; remains restless until today. Perhaps he still roams the classroom tonight…

Mr. Wong worked or should I say that perhaps he is still working in a primary school in upper Perak in another way. He was physically there for around 20 years or so and he was quite a straight teacher and no naughty pupils escaped his canning. So everyone was very scared of Mr. Wong.

Mr. Ong had a history of heart problems and he refused to take the doctor’s advice to take early retirement; instead he work harder and spent most of his time in the school. And one day a teacher went into his office to get his signature only to find Mr. Ong’s lifeless and stiff body lean face down on his desk. Apparently he has already passed away for quite a while unnoticed. It was quite unfortunate because it was during school holiday and only a few teaching staffs were present.

Almost everyone in the school knew about the sad news except the good old watchman who just returned from his long holiday. As I was told that it was just passed 7pm, after good old watchman, Chew locked the main gate and started his usual petrol duty for the evening…

When Chew walked pass the disciplinary office and found that someone was typing in the office. Chew thought it was Mr. Wong working overtime again. So he knocked on the door and there was a voice: “Come in!”

So Chew pushed open the door and there was Mr. Wong sat in his usual place typing as usual. Chew didn’t want to disturb Mr. Wong, so he just casually asked: “Working late?” Mr. Wong didn’t lift his head and his reply was just a ‘yup’.

Chew understands Mr. Wong well as that implied that he didn’t want to be disturbed. So he immediately shut the door again and went on patrolling…

The next evening at about the same time, Chew walked past the office again and he nearly bumped into a stranger. Chew started the conversation:

“Hello there! I haven’t seen you around!”

The stranger replied:

“Oh! Hello! I am the new disciplinary master just started my duty today.”

Perhaps Chew should just stop the conversation there but he asked what he shouldn’t ask: “What happened to Mr. Wong?”

The new disciplinary master looked at Chew with a strange look and he paused for a while before uttering:

“What? You meant you are not aware that Mr. Wong passed away last weekend in his office!?”

Chew almost fainted hearing the news. And I believed him that he said that particular night was the most horrible night watch he has ever carried out!

Since that night, the disciplinary office was said to be haunted by Mr. Wong’s ghost and at time; typing noise could be heard coming out from the office. Other watchmen claimed to see someone switched on the light in that particular office and when approached; the light would be switched off again.

A few months after Mr. Wong passed away. The school held a scout jamboree and many scouts from northern regions attended. Many tents were erected for junior scouts but the senior ones slept in the air-conditioned school library. I thought the seniors would setup good examples by showing the juniors how to survive in wilderness. This is the other way around that they took all comfortable places and let the juniors to suffer in hot tents.

With the seniors out of sight, it is not surprisingly the place was extremely noisy at night.  A group of scouts were playing hide and seek near the disciplinary office at night. Suddenly a man appeared in front of the boys and shouted to them:

“Be quiet! You are too noisy! I am the school disciplinary master, Mr. Wong. I want to talk to your person in charged.”

No one knew who the man was but they dispersed and returned to their respective tents. After sometime, the scout master came to inspect the boys and one boy asked the master:

“Mr. Wong wanted to see you!”

The scout master almost fainted because he knew that that was again the restless spirit of Mr. Wong.

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