Sunday, March 20, 2016

Woman In Red (红衣女郎)

Perhaps you would agree with me that the best time in one’s life is when a person earns his/her first pay; perhaps in his/her early 20’s. This is the period when one can really happy go lucky with parents around. I am of no exception. But in my early 20’s, I was engrossed with lower Mao Shan type of Taoist magic together with a few friends. In case you are not familiar, lower Mao Shan type of magic deals mainly with ghosts. So performing ghost hunting became our favorite pass times.

For those who live around Taiping, you would be familiar with the Burmese Pool situated at the foothill of Maxwell Hill. The entrance to Burmese Pool is from a T-junction opposite to the Taiping War Cemetery. There is a camp where school uniform units used to camp during school holidays.

The said Burmese Pool is believed to be haunted so it is best not to visit the area after sunsets. My friend, James who was a scout said that he has seen a figure believed to be a woman in red sat on a boulder near a bridge during one evening walk along the pool. When James tried to approach the figure, it suddenly disappeared. On hearing James’s strange story, I begun intrigued and wished to visit the place during sunset.

My pal, Henry was also practising Mao Shan was also interested, so I invited him to join the expedition to hunt for this mysterious woman in red. Another reason that I wanted Henry to join is because he had a car and that ease the transportation of things; further Henry has psychic eyes as he can see spiritual world. It was an asset indeed.

So preparations were made for the big day without first notifying our master for the fear that he would stop our naïve move.

We were at the bridge that runs across the Burmese Pool river at half passed six in the evening. So according to Henry’s intuition, we burnt some incense and talismans to call up the spirit or whatever it might be. Or course, our effort might not be fruitful if the figure James saw was indeed a tourist who happened to be there. Anyway, just for the fun of it; we pressed on with our ritual.

After a round of chanting, Henry and I sat on a boulder facing the river to meditate. The environment at the pool started to darken and around 8pm or so; Henry and I suddenly saw a red orb hovering about 10m away from us. So we tried to communicate with it hopefully to make it materialize itself. After some trying, the orb disappeared behind trees opposite the river. We decided to call it a day as we had another meeting with James to report our success.

Though we didn’t manage to see the woman in red, at least we managed to attract an orb which Henry thought to be the manifestation of the woman in red. So we returned to the car and Henry drove to James’s house to fetch him.

Soon we arrived at James’s place and Henry honked his car as usual. James was seen exited his house but he only managed to walk a few steps and then he stopped as if trying to peep into the car for something. After some effort, James finally shouted:

“Hey! Guys, who is our lady guest tonight?”

Both of us thought James was joking as he likes to joke a lot. So Henry who was a little impatient and he shouted:

“Are you kidding? Hop on…”

When James got closer, he shouted as if he had seen a ghost:


As soon as he screamed, James retreated into his house and shut the door. Both of us felt very strange, so we stepped out from the car and went to knock at James’s door to ask what had happened.

We only managed to walk a few steps before our intuition told us to look into the car…


Both of us screamed out almost simultaneously. There in the back seat was a figure of a woman whose face was covered with long hair though we were not very sure of the color of her clothing.

What else? We ran frantically and rammed into James’s house there we stayed for the whole night. Luckily the ‘thing’ was nowhere to be seen in the car. And we had to seek our master’s help which is another long story.

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