Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sixth Sense Development Yant (第六感开发符)

The Vietnamese sixth sense yant

This is the Vietnamese 6th sense yant used in conjunction with companion ngai magic. If you are a ngai master and have difficulties in communicating with your ngai spirits, then this yant is for you.

The method is simple, draw the above yant on a piece of rice paper, burns it in a cup and consume the ash with some water. This yant will empower a person's eyes, ears and soul and awaken one's 6th senses.

The khata:

Hon dau nrap dau, hon tang nrap tang, hue tam hue nln, hue nln, hue nlan eap nhu lnl

After consuming the ash, one should meditate and recite the above khata repeatedly while closing one's eyes. In due time, he/she should see white light in front of him/her. Then the person only needs to concentrate on his/her 3rd eye area and in time he/she shall see some sort of scene or an image of a person. 

If this happens, the practitioner can communicate with the 'thing' and asks this 'thing' to guide him/her.

There are some dangers in this method, so please don't practise it. I only want to show you other alternatives to develop your 6th senses; and this is uniquely Vietnamese!

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