Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Dissolution Of 5 Elements (五大分解)

The dissolution of five elements in tantric terms means our human dying process. How a person dies is described in the famous ‘Tibetan Book Of The Dead’ (西藏度亡经) or its variants. However, the description in the book did not mention that our human dying process begin at a much earlier stage. This would be a great surprise to many of people out there who treated this book as a guide for the dying only.

Tantric practitioners discovered that our human body has 72,000 channels (nadi) when we are born and we stand to lose one channel every day and when all of the channels are exhausted; the person will die. That is in a very ideal condition of course. For a normal person, he/she may exhaust two or more channels if the person does not watch his health.

In order to defer one’s dying process, a person must involve in the practice of vase breathing (宝瓶气). The theory is that if we can reduce the frequency of breathing then we can prolong our lifespan. Of course, no one can escape from dying in any way.

Likewise, the dissolution of 5 elements occurs in conjunction with the exhaustion of our energy channels. The sequence of elements resolution is as follows:

When the earth element dissolves into water, a person feels he/she becomes lethargic and weak.

When the water element dissolves into fire, the person feels thirsty and dry(1).

When the fire dissolves into wind, he/she feels cold.

When the wind dissolves into space, he/she feels breathless.

When the space dissolves into consciousness, the person is losing consciousness.

Almost everyone understands the above cycle of elemental dissolution. But what is not mentioned is that this dissolution cycle begins when one energy channel started to die; further this cycle of elemental dissolution increase in intensity when one ages.

For example, when a senior citizen feels his/her legs become too weak to walk, then this is the sign of the dissolution of earth element. Old folks tend to pee a lot and get thirsty frequently; this is the sure sign of dissolution of water element. The senior needs to put on more clothing to keep warm hence the dissolution of fire element. A senior citizen would feel breathless; again this is the sure sign of dissolution of wind element. Finally an aged person would complaint about his consciousness getting blur; this is again the sign of dissolution of space.

The above cycle keep repeating itself until all energy channels are exhausted. At this point, we say that the person is experience the actual dying process. So for a normal person, the dying/aging process is repetitive. Hence, you are warned of the approaching death. There is no reason to argue that a person dies too suddenly.

Of course, the exception is on those who die of untimely death. The question of if a person would meet his/her premature death can be predicted in astrology; or through the checking of energy flow through heart, throat, crown and naval chakras. If certain part is blocked in the blue east channel of heart chakra; then the person would die of head related injuries caused by earth elements, during year of wood for example.

Now you have no reason to say that you are oblivious of your approaching death! 


(1) When a person is experiencing actual dying process, he/she would complaint about thirsty. Now, it is very important just to use a wet towel to wet his/her lips only. If this dying person is given some water to drink, then you will KILL him/her immediately! You can drown the dying with only a very small quantity of water. I have seen this happened in many cases, so be warned!

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