Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dilemmas Of A Feng Shui Master (风水先生的矛盾)

People thought Feng Shui masters are gods that can make changes as they wish but little had they aware that the masters are just normal human beings who just like any other professionals out there. However, there are always masters who will promise customers the sun and the moon with a good price to pay of course. It is up to the wisdom of a customer to spend for a flamboyant promise or a plain down to the earth fact.

Contrary to common believe, it is not easy to make good Feng Shui advices and a master must be very tactful on this matter; provided of course, moving house/grave is an option.

This is particularly true is that a grave (Yin) Feng Shui affects a clan or a family bloodline while a house (Yang) Feng Shui only affects a household. Hence I would rather perform Yang Feng Shui audit than the Yin.

Things for a master to consider if a house/grave cannot be moved:

  • ·       There is a balancing act between money and health though in very rare cases that both money and health can be obtained together. For example: if a house owner refuses to move house and house alteration is not made, then the owner would have good income but poor health. If a house is renovated and the luck of the house changes accordingly; the owner would have good health but poor income. The question remains: if the person can cope with a lower income level?

  • ·       A made good Feng Shui alteration may only lasts for 3 years or so. Would a master encourage a house owner to spend $500k to renovate house or simply moves away for good?

  • ·       Many people wanted to make changes fast and rather spend a lot of cash to achieve the target. This is good news for a con master to bag a bundle from those eager owners; but little had these eager people know that a master cannot make the sun, moon and planets to move into ideal locations to activate positive energy. So the solution is only to: wait, wait and wait for the right timing no matter one is willing to pay.

  • ·       Is there a need to consult Feng Shui master if a premise is already purchased? If someone has spent a million dollar to buy a house in Penang, then I would just decline to audit the house for many times when I opened my compass, the location is bad. How can you tell a person who has just invested a million dollars to drop the new house?

  • ·       When can Feng Shui alteration take place? Many people said that a Feng Shui master deceive customers for 8 to 10 years or ‘风水师父骗人十年八年’ though there are some truth in it in Yin Feng Shui as a grave affects 3 generations generally and a Yang Feng Shui only affects whoever stays in the house. Generally speaking, one can see some effects within 7 to 8 days. It is that fast hence a master must be particularly careful.

Personally, I dislike giving Feng Shui consultation and hence I only perform the Feng Shui audit as charity services because of the above reasons. In many cases I find myself sandwiched between family members but these people don’t know I am only an outsider!

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  1. Nice stuff.... Feng Shui master have really great traditional and practical knowledge of Feng Shui by handling several real life cases.