Thursday, March 3, 2016

Meeting Long Lost Girl Friend (久未谋面的女友)

Meeting someone we have not seen for a long time is perhaps a joyous occasion but this is not normally true. Of course I don’t mean seeing someone who has jilted you and she is leading a happy life in that sense. Believe it or not, for all that you know, the ‘person’ you meet might be from the ‘other side’…

I don’t know this person but he introduced himself as James. Since he started to talk, I only sat down and recorded his story:

James likes to bar hop meaning instead of sitting in a bar for the night, he would just jump into one bar, have a mug of bear and then hop into another and have another mug. According to him it is the ‘atmosphere’ that he likes. I suspect this particular habit of his has something to do with his German friends.

So the story goes it was just passed 1am and James just exited from a bar in Penang downtown. As he was heading to his car, he noticed Joy, his former lover stood in a dark corner and she was wearing long white gown.

It was a surprised to see Joy as she told James she wanted to work in Singapore about 7 years ago. And two years later Joy and James met in the same bar James just walked out to tell him that she had a new found boy friend. And that was the last time James and Joy met until that night.

James: “Hey, Joy! Long time no see. Come out from there and let’s chat!”

Joy remained silent but smiled. So James opened his car door and invited Joy in. He drove to a small hill top where they used to meet in old time. James stopped over a 24-hour shop to purchase some peanuts and beers.

At the hill top where James and Joy were alone.

James: “How are you getting?”

Joy just remained silent and she just smelled the beer and peanuts that James had passed to her. So James went on with his seemingly solo conversation while Joy just smiled and remained quiet.

Finally James took out his handy and had a selfie with Joy.

After a while, James succumbed to the effect of alcohol and only to wake up early in the morning. Joy was not beside James and he thought Joy must have left during his deep slumber.

A few days later, James met Joy’s new found boy friend, Albert. So he casually started a conversation with Albert:

James: “How’re you with Joy?”

Albert looked stunned and responded: “What about Joy?”

James: “You know, Joy, your girl!?”

Albert pondered for a while and said: “Joy died two years ago before our engagement. She fell from her apartment after consuming some pills!”

James disbelieved the news he has just heard and finally he visited Joy’s family and confirmed the sad news. At that point, he took out his handy and searched for the selfie photo with Joy but found the photo never existed!

Since then, Joy always appear in Jame’s dreams wanting to get married but James cannot buy in the idea of marrying a ghost, and so is Jame’s mother.

By the time I met with James, James was still haunted by Joy’s ghost. However, I had not physically ‘seen’ Joy hovering around so I have no way of validating what James said is a truth. We can perhaps attribute it as one of the urban legends… 

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