Friday, March 11, 2016

Ghost Whispers (鬼话连篇)

If you still remember Diana and Maryann? Well, the story did not end there. I will leave you with one more story before I go for another assignment outstation.

After Diana learnt the Maryann was not from this world, she fell sick always and her roommate, Lian was kind enough to accompany her whenever possible until…

It was again end of semester exam. Lian had completed her subject exams early and she packed her belongings and return to her hometown leaving Diana alone in her room as she still has to sit for financial accounting which was her last paper.

Now it was Diana alone in a double-decker room alone for a few days. It wasn’t too bad during day times as Diana would spend her time studying in the university library and only to return to her room to bath and rest. Since her hostel was for female only, so Diana could not ask her boyfriend to accompany her. But she figured that it should be okay just for a few more days… since Maryann didn’t make herself noticeable since her identity was revealed by Lian.

All was quiet at the western frontier until the night before Diana’s exam. Diana studied particularly hard for that night to reinforce her understanding on a few topics that she did not have good understanding still.

So, it was around 2am when Diana hit her deck. When Lian was around, she slept on the top deck and Diana took the bottom deck. So she kept her lower deck since it didn’t make sense to move up just for a few nights; she was to move out soon.

After Diana went to her bed, she felt someone or something had climbed onto the upper deck and almost immediately, she could feel that something was pressing on the mattress above her. Due to curiosity, Diana tried to turn her body sideways and peeped upwards.

Through the street lights, she could saw two pair of legs; one big and small hung down from upper deck and swung to and fro. Diana immediately understood that she had seen a ghost! No, perhaps should I say, two…

So Diana pretended to sleep while praying that something would leave her in peace for the night… Then she heard the voice of a small girl:

“Ma mi, the big sister at the bottom deck is pretending to sleep! She pretended that she had not seen us!”

Then another voice followed:

“Dear, she is ma mi’s friend. Lest we disturb her; shall we move outside?”

After that, the upper deck became dead silent. Diana was so frightened that she covered her head with her blanket and recited all mantras she could memorized until she was awoken by her alarm clock.

After her exam, Diana moved out of the hostel. As she was leaving, she met Lian who returned to pick up some of her items. Diana pulled Lian aside and asked:

“Tell me about Maryann…”

Lian said:

“I supposed it is okay to talk now… Maryann killed herself after she was found pregnant and her boyfriend didn’t want to take responsibility!”

Perhaps the little voice Diana heard was Maryann’s baby girl? I could only guess.

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