Thursday, March 10, 2016

They Never Rest In Peace (至死不休)

People say that every mundane matters should ‘rest in peace’ (RIP) when a person kicked the bucket. Well, for a few ones; this rule does not apply.

I knew Aunt Ann as she was my neighbour in Kuala Kangsar. Aunt Ann has a daughter-in-law known as Jenny. Jenny was a business woman and her relationship with her mother-in-law was not very good. It is not a surprised that they would have a small fight every few days and a big fight every fortnight. How did I know? Well, though I was not staying next to their house; their voices could be heard across the street.

Aunt Ann was about 90 years old then and she stayed with her son Jack and her daughter-in-law ever since she had difficulties in walking. Both Aunt Ann and Jenny were short tempered ones so quarrels and confrontations were common within the household. Seems that Jack care less of his mother and all of household matters were left to Jenny.

One day, Aunt Ann accidentally fell from her wheel chair and she was paralyzed. Since both Jenny and Jack were busy with their businesses, they decided to send the old lady to an old folk home for professional care. Sadly speaking, one week later; Aunt Ann passed away. It was said that Jenny refused to let Aunt Ann’s body into the house due to some reasons. And this is just the beginning of my story…

Just as when Jenny thought she had gotten rid of her ‘pain-in-the-axx’ mother in law, Jenny suddenly experienced severe heart pain right after Aunt Ann’s funeral 3 days later. After consulting some specialists, no problems were detected. Instinctively, she went to consult a medium and the medium said to her:

“It is your mother-in-law that is creating the trouble. She wants to drag you to hell for revenge. Sorry. I cannot help you!”

Of course Jenny just brushed aside the medium’s words. But a few days later, Jenny succumbed to her heart pain. Coincidentally, it was just passed 7 days after Aunt Ann’s death.

For reconciliation, Jack purchased two places in a local Buddhist ashes tower in the hope both his mother and wife can rest in peace and become friends in the underworld. An altar of both was also set up in the house for 100 days…

However, I heard that Jack’s effort didn’t work. A few days later, the food offerings on the altar of deceases were scattered as if being thrown around by someone. Both of the deceases photos also fell onto the ground. Seems that both of the ghosts refused to rest in peace!

Jack eventually moved out from the house. Some local residents claimed that they could hear voices of Jenny and Aunt Ann quarrelling and throwing things in the already vacated house even years later.

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