Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Father Who Never RIP (不休息的神父)

Prior to the independence of Malaysia, many schools in Malaysia were established by churches and clergy were involved in the administration of these schools. Just to name a few: St. George (1915), Convent (1938) and Methodist Girl School (1885) in Taiping. In Ipoh, we have the famous St. Michael (1912). And in Muar, we have St. Andrew (1930). So as you can see, most of these church established schools were in existence before WWII. Local folks believe that many of these old schools are still run by some restless spirits of old clergy at night.

In one of such clergy established schools in Upper Perak, the spirit of a restless father is said to roam the corridor connecting the teacher’s block and school classrooms. It was said that this spirit started to show itself after the government decided to remove religious objects such as the cross from school buildings.

I was told by a security guard who used to work in that particular school that the restless father used to materialize itself in the teacher’s room around 9pm and then it would proceed to walk (or perhaps glide would be a more suitable word) from one classroom to another while holding a piece of candle. When the spirit materializes, a greenish glow would be seen first and then the figure of a father would then appear. When the surrounding is dark enough, it would only be an orb with green glow seen moving about along the corridor.

So some security guards would prefer to switch on the corridor lighting so as to prevent the materialization of the eerie green orb; that had temporary ceased the ghostly sightings. But later due to the cost and energy saving effort; the headmaster instructed all peripheral lightings to be switched off. And again, the restless father is again seen wandering about the school premises.

Of course, some students do return to school at night to study for examinations. These students normally form small study groups as this is a much effective way to study. Some students return to school for extra-curricular activities such as drama or uniform units. Most of the time, students would return to school during weekends or school holidays. And some students would take advantage of darkness to do intimate acts. Which I don’t need to describe in too detail as youths now days matured very fast.

A student couple was the last to leave after their night study session. They somehow emotionally turned on to each other and start hugging and kissing… In order that no one could their intimacy; the couple decided to switch off the classroom light. Well, they thought it was a perfect plan as the classroom is now in pitch dark and quiet.

Just as the couple would make further intimate contact, suddenly the girl saw a green glow moving along the classroom window. Before she could tell her partner, the door suddenly forced opened by a gust of cold wind…

Now, standing in front of the half naked couple was a father holding a piece of burning candle. The stunned couple was speechless with jaws dropped. And the father stared at the couple with glassy dead fish eyes and said with a hollow tone that seemed to echo inside their minds forever: “What are you doing?!”

The couple was so afraid that they gave out a loud yell and rushed out of the classroom and they knocked out the poor security guard who so happened to came for investigation after hearing the commotions.

I was told by the story teller that the couple left their underwear at the crime scene. Of course no one would admit who were the owners in the morning… No one wanted to press charges as almost everyone in the classroom knew who the culprits are.

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  1. Too bad they ran away... They should ask the father to "bless" their union instead!