Monday, March 7, 2016

The Practice Of Malai Ngai (越南飞头鬼)

This is my blood lily mother plant not in bloom and it has already produced two offsets. I had to locate it in a corner of my garden far away from children for safety reasons.

This is the yant for calling the flying head ghost. It must be drawn on a piece of copper plate and then it is placed at the bottom of the blood lily pot. Or one can also draw this yant on an egg and put it near the root of blood lily.

This ritual must begin at 4am every day for 49 days consecutively:

First the protection chant (49x):

Tien rui to ru chi ho, tien hun hau luin tzim vi thair hun co to lao ban sat chi ho

Then the mantra (49x):

Pho lo co vi la la lo lo co vi lo,
lai lai ca ra chanr mac i te, kha mao kha mao,
u chum hao ba la i lai ba ta ba xa

After the initial empowerment ritual, the flying head ghost must be fed with animal intestines three times a year. This is to make the flying head ghost fierce.

The flying head ghost can be used to seek revenge and to neutralize black magic. It is closely related to the Malay penanggal. Just a word of caution though, do not try this ritual if you have small children at your home for the flying head ghost feeds on children! So be warned.

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