Saturday, March 5, 2016

You Stepped On My Brain (你踏到我的脑袋)

In Chinese belief, there are two types of death: good and bad.

Good death for a common person refers to a person die while surrounded by his/her beloved family members. For a monk or Taoist however, a good death is when the person died in his/her meditative state of mind.

On the other hand, bad death refers to a person died suddenly and outside of his/her house. In this case, he/she may die in a state of confused and shocked mind; and that this person may not know he/she is already dead.

Of course, it is not our option to choose how we will meet our end so while we are alive, we can either perform good deeds so that we die in peace and in one piece. Anyway my pal, Lee who is a member of local emergency respond team and he had a close encounter with a lost soul who lost his soul in a freak accident.

It was just past midnight, Ah Kow and I were waiting for Lee at a ‘mamak’ stall (eating outlet). As usual Lee was late and when he finally showed himself, Ah Kow who has psychic eyes saw a ghost with half smashed brain and torn blood soaked shirt standing behind Lee.

So, Ah Kow jokingly said: “Who is that bloody friend behind you, Mr. Lee?”

Lee knew Ah Kow has special ability to see ghosts; he gave a shiver and then pulled up a chair and sat beside us. Apparently the reason he was late was because just as when he was on the way to meet us, he saw a motorcycle accident. The motorcycle in front of him was speeding fast and it suddenly lost control and collided with the road divider. The impact has sent the motorcyclist flew into opposite direction. And unfortunately speaking, the poor motorcyclist was run over by a lorry and two cars that have failed to stop on time. Perhaps you can imagine the condition of the poor motorcyclist at that time. Being a good Samaritan, Lee called the police and ambulance and helped to collect body parts: brain, flesh and broken limbs of the deceased.  

After Lee told his story, he asked Ah Kow: “What does it want from me?”

Ah Kow said: “I can’t make it speak now. We must go to my altar and ask Sifu (Master) Liew to open its mouth…”

I was curious to find out too. Hence off we went to Ah Kow’s altar and I did a conjuration ritual and ordered the lost soul to possess Ah Kow’s body and talk. After a while, the spirit possessed Ah Kow’s body.

Me: “Why do you follow Lee around?”

Ghost: “Where am I? My mind went blank. I am to go home to see my wife and suddenly this person stepped onto my brain. So I followed him back.”

On hearing that, I turned to Lee and he took up his shoe to inspect… and true enough there are some blood stains with some tissues wedged under his shoes.

Then I told the ghost that we would send it back to the place where it met with the accident as its relatives would hire some Taoists to perform a soul calling ceremony the next day.

The ghost agreed and it left Ah Kow’s body. I turned to Lee and said:

“Now you owe us a cup of hot tea!”

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