Friday, March 18, 2016

Phases Of Moon Vs Personalities (月相与自我)

Scientifically speaking or in astrology matters, the heavenly bodies that affect the world and human beings are the sun and the moon. Leaving scientific matters behind, human personalities can be determined by looking on which phase of the moon one is born:

New moon (新月)

People born in this phase is normally simple but with determination. He/she is not afraid of taking up challenges. This person would be a little naïve, positive and he/she would be person of action; for he/she would take action on whatever comes into his/her mind without due delay.

Waxing crescent (娥眉月)

Person who is born during this moon phase likes to challenge the status quo and create new ideas. He/she likes to take up challenges and likes to be creative. This person also dislikes keeping rules and restrictions. He/she is also a fickle in love life and may hurt his/her partner unknowingly.

1st Quarter (上弦月)

A person born in this period would find himself/herself sandwiched between the ever changing new and the old situations. This person would find he/she becomes too busy tackling one matter after another and gradually become lethargic over time. The downside is that he/she always in a state of dilemma. At times this person can be indecisive and become lost.

Waxing gibbous (盈凸月)

Person born during this period puts much emphasis on his/her own intellectual development over fame. This is an intelligent person with multiple talents. He/she has excellent coordination, analytical and leadership skills. This person likes to engage in self-talk to find out the best solution or explanation to a matter. Due to the attention to details, he/she may be perceived as ‘slow’ to the outside world.

Full moon (滿月)

Person born during full moon is very confident of himself/herself. He/she would give others a very strong and bright impression of him/her. This person is also always in good luck and he/she would excel in whatever he/she does. However, this person may experience emotional instability and due to over confident; he/she is likely to suffer failure and hurt himself/herself.

Waning gibbous (虧凸月)

Person born during this period can be a very good communicator and a teacher. He/she likes to share his/her knowledge with others generously. So, this person would have a lot of friends and he/she is beloved by others.

Last quarter (下弦月)

A person born during last quarter would have a sense of crisis. This person is unique compared to common folks and he/she likes to develop some kind of ideology or system to tackle the unknown future. In another word, people would treat him/her a ‘weirdo’ and an outcast in this society. He/she can be extremely successful or failure. Whatever case that may be, this person is always driven by his/her own ambitious mind.

Waning crescent (殘月)

This person is very sensitive and he/she has a very sharp intuition. This person tends to indulge in occult matters. He/she likes to help others and share their burdens. He/she is a Jack of all trades, master of none. This person likes to try many things but he/she can never see the ends of those efforts. However, his/her success does come around in an unexpected ways. Due to his/her strong intuition, this person is always in good hands.

Of course, the above is just one of many aspects of character analysis in astrology. If we can take into account of position of sun and other major planets; then a more precise approximate can be made.

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