Thursday, August 16, 2012

Special Ingredients For Phi (Ghost)

I think the Thai must have most numbers of secret recipes for treating a ghost. A poor ghost can be beaten by a cane, chop into pieces by a magic knife, an axe, imprison in a monk’s bowl, chase away by using herbs etc. By merely reading my guru’s manual alone, my sympathize grow for the poor ghost…

Well, below is just part of the ghost treatment ingredients:

1.      Chili and pepper.

2.      Leftover rice from dogs and cats

3.      Leftover of raw rice with husk

4.      Dropping of rice from human’s mouth

5.      Rice attached to clothing

6.      Rice attaching to a monk’s bowl

7.      Bamboo stick used for hanging clothes

8.      Bamboo clips from a widow

9.      Planks of stairs

10.  Water collected from pigs drinking vessel

11.  Betel chewing of a widow

All the above ingredients are collected and crushed into fine powder then make into small pills. On any of the occasions such as possessions or haunted places, suffice to swallow the pill, or for external rubbing. It is believed by doing so will chase away any ghosts… on second thought; it may also ward off the potential patient as well! J.

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