Thursday, August 16, 2012

Conjuration Of Bujang Sembelih (Cut Throat)

"Hantu Bujang Sembelih" literarily means "the ghost of still single cut throat youth".

To tell you the truth, this type of spirit is said to be the most powerful of all human spirits and fond by all streams of black magic in South East Asia. On the other hand, the spirit that die of old age and sickness are strightly forbid to be used. The reason is simple: those spirits has no power but will bring their karmic influence to the practitioner.

Different black magic system has ways of conjuring this spirit:

  • Taoist magic
    1. Get a piece of paper or a piece of bread to dip some of the blood of the dead.
    2. The paper of bread must then be wrapped with a black cloth and hurrily back to the altar for performing soul catching spell.
    3. The spirit of the deceased will come to the practitioner in 7, 14 or at most 49 days.

  • Malay magic
    1. Get a piece of coconut leave stem, a white candle, some benzoin and some food offerings.
    2. Go to the grave of the deceased in the evening around 7pm and put all the offerings into the coconut leave stem.
    3. Light the candle and put in the center of the stem.
    4. Then light the benzoin and call out the name of the deceased.
    5. If everything is okay, then a black shadow will come out from the grave and you can now give it your command.

  • Thai magic
    1. Get 4 pieces of wooden spike, a long white string, some white candles, a piece of white cloth, 5 colour strings and incense.
    2. Go to the grave of the dead in the evening, the condition should not be too dark.
    3. First, set up the boundary by hitting four wooden spikes at the four corners of the grave and the white string is used to tie onto the spikes hence forming a rectangular shape boundary.
    4. Get some soil from the grave into the white cloth and tie up the white cloth with 5 colour strings. Try to form the package in the shape of a human.
    5. Hold the newly created manikin and smuldge it in smoke while performing soul catching ritual.
    6. You will see a dark shadow appear infront of you.
    7. Command it to enter into the mannikin then bring the package back to your altar for further actions.

  • Kejawen
    1. Already described in the Pocong ritual in previous posting.

The rituals posted here are for your comparative studies only. Practice the rituals at your own risk. The risk is not only from the spiritual, but also physical. If your spiritual power is lesser than the spirit of the cut throat, then it will take control of your consciousness. More immediate risk is to face prosecution from the authority or the family members. So be warned.

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