Monday, August 20, 2012

The Secret Of Spirit Invisibility

Wonders why a spirit can appear and disappear as it wishes? Taoists believe that a spirit has a magic robe that enables it to do such a trick. If you can get your hands on one of these robes, then you can also perform many magic tricks.

Below is the how to:

1.      Catch yourself a magpie bird (喜鵲) and 21 fire flies on the 7th day or 7th month of lunar calendar.

2.      Put all your catches into a cloth pouch and hang the pouch on the Northern corner of your house and let it wind dry for 100 days.

3.      After that erect a piece of peach tree branch outside of your house and tie 49 feet of red rope onto it; leave the end of the rope into your ritual room.

4.     Tie the pouch with all its content onto your right shoulder, hold the end of the red rope and meditate.

5.      Not long after that, there will be many spirits approaching you and demand you to give them the pouch. Do not be afraid and ignore them. Until finally their leader approach you and ask: “What do you want to do the exchange?”

6.      Tell the lead spirit that you want the robe that it wears for exchange.

7.      If you can get hold of the spirit’s magic robe, then you can travel across the continent without being noticed by anyone.

8.      Contact me once you really have your hands on one, I will teach you what to do further J.

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  1. This sounds like Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Hahahaha :P Interesting indeed, By the way i've seen a djinn wearing black robe before (The one with hood) and dissapear in a blink of an eye.