Sunday, August 19, 2012

Inviting Members Of The Grave

This is the intermediate to advance level of conjuration practice. What you are inviting is the spirit of a person from his/her grave. So, please do not try it if you have no previous experience in conjuration. Human spirits are a little hard to predict as they behave just as when they are alive. However, these spirits will be useful in helping us in certain ways.

For example if you are inviting a spirit of a famous singer, then your singing skill may be improved etc. But also bear in mind that if the person die by committed suicide, then you might be influenced to follow the same course of action.

Below is the ritual outline:

1.      Go to the grave of the person with a piece of white paper and a pen.

2.      Write down the name of the person and the date the person dies.

3.      Get a piece of earth, a plant or a small pebble and wrap it with the piece of paper you just wrote your name.

4.      Now, buy some stuff such as a bottle of white wine, some biscuits, fruits etc to feast the spirit at night.

5.      As soon as you return home or to your altar, put the paper wrapping onto the altar and set up the food offerings.

6.      At the same night after 7pm, go to the nearest cross roads and call up the name of the deceased for seven times, ask the spirit to follow you home to enjoy the feast.

7.      When you are again at you altar with the spirit, you can say your request to the spirit in plain language. Express the help you want from this spirit such as wanted to be friends but NEVER promise anything that you cannot handle.

8.      Ask the spirit for a password that it can appear to you swiftly. Don’t reveal it to anyone as this will be the secret between you and the spirit.

9.      Bid the spirit farewell and perform a ritual cleansing of your altar.

According to my experience, this ritual work best for new deceased; older spirits react very slowly.

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