Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thai Lamp Ritual Vs Fire Healing

It is in fact incomplete by solely mentioning the lamp ritual alone. If we take a bird’s eye view, the Thai lamp ritual belongs to the grouping of traditional fire treatment methodology.

Thai traditional medicine utilizes the theory of four elements: earth, wind, fire and water. As with the Ayurvedic, Arabic and Tibetan counterparts, the four elements within our body must be balanced to maintain health.

The benefits of fire treatments:

·         The balancing of energy flow within the body

·         The adjustment of nerve system

·         Partial stimulation of body to improve blood circulation

·         Increase immunity level

The fire treatment couples with oil will provide low cost and effective treatments to cough, flue, stomachache, headache, high blood, spirit possession etc. However, not everyone can be treated using the fire treatment, first is the fever, the drunk, disbeliever, then the person will mental illness are advised not to receive this treatment.

Oils are important ingredients in traditional fire treatment, as different type of oil burns at different temperature. Ordinary oil can only cure disease caused by earth and water element, ghee will cure disorders caused by all four elements.

We see all kinds of fire healing shows perform by monks now and then in TV and fire treatment is really nothing new.

It is actually funny to hear that people are exclusively looking for “Thai lamp ritual” alone. This is the sign that the person does not understand the traditional treatment system holistically. Peace.

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