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Spells of Old Master Artisan (魯班術)

I have finally got more information on the old artisan’s spells. So here’s the updated version.

Chinese artisans of old days would have learnt one or two magical tricks to benefit or to teach their picky house owners some hard to forget lessons. In fact, many old Chinese are very wary of the hanky-panky that an indignant artisan can do to his beloved house; so counter magic rituals were also common at that time.

First of the list is the “under the well” ritual (落井法):

This is really a very simple but awful method to torture a person. The artisan would perform this trick in front of a house, or on the road that the person will pass by. The method is to draw the Chinese word “well” () at the front door/road by chanting below mantra:


(First line becomes a stream, second line becomes a river, third line becomes sea, fourth line all evils down the well.)

After that, the artisan will continue to recite the victim’s name and date of birth.

The effects of such a curse is that the victim’s stomach will become bigger and bigger until eventually compressing his/her heart and lungs. This would impair the functioning of heart and lungs; and the victim would suffer excruciating pain. A medical doctor would not be able to trace the source of the illness and the patient will be wasting away slowly.

Secondly, “the curse of seven arrows” (放暗箭):

Make yourself seven iron needles and an iron bow. Then, a black bean is stick into the tip of each iron needle. Bury the needles and bow with the needle tips pointing towards to your victim’s house. Then within one hundred days, members of the house hold would suffer from injuries or even death.

Thirdly, “the curse on dwelling place” (敗陽宅風水):

This ritual must be performed at midnight. First, go to the front door of your victim; then recite the below mantra:


(The curse applied to this house, cripple and blind she/him. Things are thrown and whipped, according to my master’s order; house collapse, no way to be reincarnated. This is on gods and spirits alike, according to Master Yang’s order; as my will, so mote it be!)

After you have recited the mantra, use a needle to prick your ring finger and smear your blood onto the main gate. The household will run into bad lucks after 120 days.

Fourth, “the curse on a tomb” (敗陰宅風水):

Prepare a wooden spike made of wood about seven inches in length. Then go to your victim’s ancestral tomb. Recite the below mantra while holding a hammer and the spike:


(The dark energy is in living world, the demon is getting active. I am holding ritual implements to carry out my master’s order. The environment is changing color; the tomb’s energy is exhausted; I executed master Yang’s order hastily!)

After reciting the mantra for 3-7x, prick your ring finger with a needle and smear some blood onto the wooden spike, then hammer the wooden spike into the tomb. Within 120 days the descendents of the deceased will suffer from unknown illness or even death.

Fifth, below are a collection of forbidden spells (禁法). These forbidden spells are banned in old China as they are believed to have brought sufferings to many people. An artisan can be prosecuted if found guilty at ancient time:

·         Causing robbery to a household

o   Write the word ‘’ on the floor while the roof of a house is being constructed will cause the household to be robbed three times in 120 days.

·         Curse of a wooden doll

o   Carve a wooden doll and inscribe curses onto the doll and then nail the doll onto the main house pole. This spell will take effect in one month’s time.

·         Causing a dog to bite its master

o   Collect some rain water and some dirt from the southern wall of the house. Feed the water and dirt to the dog and it become crazy and bite its owner.

·         Sleepless nights

o   Bury two packages of rice under the edge of house roof will create strange noises when the house tenant switch off the light to go to bed at night. The spell normally takes effect in 4 days.

·         Crazy and ill spell

o   While the house in installing lock at the main gate, inscribe a “+” sign onto the lock will cause the owner and tenants to fall ill or crazy within one month’s time.

·         Causing animals to be restless

o   Bury a butcher’s chopper in front of the animal farm will cause the horse, cow, pig and the like to be restless.

·         Causing house tenants to be restless

o   Cut a paper manikin and nail it onto the main hose pole.

·         Causing rice fail to be cooked

o   Take a piece of rope and tie it around your waist and call out the name of the person who is cooking rice will cause the rise hard to be cooked.

And of course … too many spells to be recorded down completely.

N/B: Master Yang (楊公) is believed to be the grand master of Feng Shui.

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