Thursday, August 2, 2012

Advance Kumantong (養鬼)

Below are some advance methods of fostering your own Kumantong spirits by force. These are very cruel methods of obtaining Kumantongs, I post the method here for your review only. Enough to know there are such methods around but not to practice it as some methods are almost synonym to the act of murder.

1.      Using Placenta

a.       First find a baby with suitable birth date and time, must by all Yin characters.

b.      Find a haunted Willow tree and bury the placenta under the tree.

c.       You must come to this tree between 3pm~5pm every day to offer an incense stick, chant mantra and water it with talismanic water for 49 days.

d.      After 49 days period, use a 16 feet and 8 inches long red string to tie around the tree stem.

e.       Continue to offer incense, chant and water as before for another 108 days.

f.       On the last night at 12 midnight, set up an altar near the willow tree and use a piece of black cloth to cover the willow tree stem.

g.      You will find a part of the willow tree will emit faint green light.

h.      Cut this portion of the stem and carve it into a human shape complete with all features. Bless the wood statue and continue for empowerment for another 7 days.

i.        The baby will die due to the ritual and its soul will attach to the wood statue.

j.        Now you can set up a special altar special for this baby spirit at a dark location. Feed it with blood drawn from your middle finger every day. (For male use left finger, female right finger. For a female practitioner, never feed the statue with blood during menstruation period, ask someone to feed it with the blood of a bat.)

k.      When the baby spirit starts communicating, you can teach it to perform tasks. But remember, you must fulfill what you have promised.

2.      Using 5 Kids’ Skulls

a.       Find yourself 5 skulls of kids below 7 years old.

b.      Fill the skulls with soils from cemetery.

c.       Put beans of 5 colors into the skulls: green, yellow, red, black and white.

d.      Water the skulls with stagnant water such as water collected from a lake every day.

e.       Give offering and recite mantra every midnight for 49 days.

f.       The beans will germinate; now move the bean plants to a place that is not directly under sun light.

g.      Arrange the 5 skulls that have been planted with color beans in this order in your altar:

                                                              i.      green, black, yellow, red, white

                                                            ii.      take care of the bean plants and remember to water them, if you have done the ritual correctly; the plants can last for the whole life.

h.      Continue to do offering once morning and once at night, coupled with burning 3 pieces of talismans.

i.        Perform the ritual until the spirits appear in your dream, and subsequently they will show themselves to you in broad daylight.

3.      Using Paper Dolls

a.       Prepare a paper manikin then tie it with 7 color strings.

b.      Place it under the staircase to be stepped over by woman who has pregnant over 7 months.

c.       After that bring the paper doll into a deep forest to cast a ritual where you must be completely naked. The ritual must be performed for a consecutive 7 days.

d.      The pregnant woman and baby will die due to difficulty in delivery.

e.       Now prepare another paper manikin resembling a woman measuring 7.2 inches. Conjure up the woman and the baby’s spirits together. In this way, you will have the control of both the mother and kid spirits.

f.       Use a 12 feet red string to tie up the small manikin and instruct the mother spirit to perform your task. If it is disobedient, then punish the small spirit.

g.      Both manikins must be kept in a dark place and offer with incense every day.

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  1. Dear brother, where do we find the talismans for 5 Skulls.