Sunday, August 19, 2012

Magical Uses Of Lady's Hair

People say that when a lady cuts her long hair, it is a sign that she wants to change her state of mind. I am not an expert in behavioural science, so I will leave it to the experts. But I do know that a lady’s long hair can be used for various magical uses. Let us explore two of them.

Ritual 1

This ritual is meant to make your target temporarily sick and wanted to vomit. Below is the how-to:

1.      Get a piece of ladies hair about 1 foot in length.

2.      Roll it as shown above.

3.      Write down your target’s name and date of birth and tug it into the hair.

4.      Then take your ritual knife and stab it into the hair blob.

5.      Your target will fell sick within one hour’s time.

Ritual 2

The below ritual is for making your enemy to have acute migraine.

1.      Get a piece of ladies hair as before.

2.      Tie a knot with the hair and hold it in your left hand.

3.      Recite “Om Chelijin Cheli Soha” 49x; after 1x recitation, blow 1x onto the hair knot.

4.      Keep the hair with you.

5.      When you are being attacked by bad guys, hold the hair in your left hand and your attacker will kneel down in pain.

6.      If you want to release the spell, just release your grip on the hair.

So men, beware of the power of ladies’ hair. For your reference and reading pleasure.

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