Friday, August 3, 2012

Spirit Attunement: Training Of Jinn

I supposed for the benefit of friends who has successfully performed a conjuration ritual according to my previous postings, here is a follow up method to attune to your jinni. The purpose of spirit attunement is not to invite the jinn into our body as someone has done in the past. This is a very naive method of wanting to achieve power. And NO, people will not be able to be turned into a Deva Yakong family in this way... In the next life perhaps. Don't ask me how ;-).

Just to side track a little on the technique of spirit possession: In Mao Shan Taoist magic, there is indeed a ritual that will enable a ghost to possess the body of a person for various purposes. We would not be looking into this ritual here however.

A spirit attunement is basically setting up a set of rules on how our jinn can work with us, or more precisely; how our jinn can detect the change of our energy field and provide necessary helping hands to our aid when in need. But first and foremost, we must undeerstand that the power of jinn is now all encompassing.

Step 1:

First, make sure that there is indeed a spirit inside your said object: a ring, stone, a coin etc. You can perform this simple test: tie the object with a piece of string and ask it a simple yes or no question. It will swing accordingly if there is a spirit/jinni inside the thing. Better still, if you can see the spirits then your confidence will be more.

Step 2:

Bring along your stuff for a few weeks with you. Observe if there are any changes in yourself: emotionally or physically. It is OK if all is per norm. If you have a wind fall, then I congratulate you. If you feel anger, sick or sadness, then either you release this jinni or perform a purification prayer on its behalf, wash it with white light and or holy water.

Step 3:

Now. Prepare a poker deck, tarot cards or a dice. First ask the jinn for the prediction, then arbitrary pull a card or throw the dice; see whether the result is as predicted. You can perform the exercise for 5 to 10 minutes a session.

Step 4:

If everything is ok. Now you can put your new helper to task: asking it to help in a job, a relationship, predict the event for the coming day etc. At the end of the day, dismiss the jinni and thank it for his help; record your experiences in a note book and review your progress regularly.

Congratulations! You have completed the training cycle.

Finally, conjuration is not as difficult as you think; the difficult part is to get the correct jinn to help you. Jinn are not created equal; so bear with these differences and you will be OK. Happy trying.

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