Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Khmer Palakit Magic (鎖陽降)

Palakit is widely used for protection, business, relationships, and most importantly, for warding off evil spirits or ghost. Sometimes it is also referred to as Palad.

The origin of the Palakit is related to Lord Shiva, the Indian Hindu God who manifested himself in the form of “Linga”, the male genital and sometimes together with “Yoni”, the female genital. It symbolizes the power of creation, strength of unity and the source of destruction, similar to the Tibetan Phrupa and triangular stand.

A Khmer Palakit can also be used to cause a man to lose his erection power. This magic is best suited for a wife to control her hubby so that when he wanted to have sex with his new partner, he will have erection problem. Consequently, he has no choice but to return to his wife to satisfy his lust.

So men beware of the magic spell below:

1.      First, get a photo of a guy you hate most. Best if you can get hold of his birth date and time.

2.      Now get a piece of Khmer Palakit, some magic oil, a piece of red string and some incense.

3.      Invoke the presence of the Palakit and calling out the name of the person.

4.      Apply the magic oil onto the Palakit.

5.      Tie the photo of the guy to the Palakit with the piece of red string.

6.      Keep the Palakit at a secret location.

7.      Every time when the hubby goes out, take out the Palakit and strike it on your left palm and start cursing: “So-and-so, your penis is in my hand. I am taking away your erection power unless you come to me.”

8.      Never lost the Palakit, if it is lost; then the hubby will suffer permanent impotency and no one will be able to cure him!

How do you like this ritual?

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